Author profile: Vivian Daniele Rocha Gabriel

Vivian Daniele Rocha Gabriel is currently a Lawyer. Vivian is a Ph.D. Candidate (2016-2019) and Master Degree (2013-2015) in International and Comparative Law at the University of São Paulo (USP). Michigan Grotius Research Scholar at the University of Michigan Law School (2018-2019). Visiting Researcher in the Göttingen Institute for International Law and European Law. More of Vivians publications can be found here.

The New EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement: a New Breath to Free Trade

Vivian Daniele Rocha Gabriel • Sep 4 2019 • Articles

The EU-MERCOSUR Trade Agreement should be seen as a reaction to protectionism, it means that the international rule-oriented order is still alive for important actors.

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