Author profile: Yannis Stivachtis

Yannis A. Stivachtis is Associate Professor of Political Science at Virginia Tech. His research interests include the evolution of international society, the study of regional international society, conditionality and international order, international society and the civilizing process, and European international society and global order. His current professional service includes: Head of the English School section (ENGSS) of the International Studies Association (ISA) and Director of the Social Sciences Research Division of the Athens Institute of Education and Research (ATINER). He is the editor of the Athens Journal of Social Sciences and co-editor of the Critical European Studies book series published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis. His most recent publications include: Interrogating Regional International Societies, Questioning Global International Society (editor, Global Discourse 2015); Europe after Enlargement (co-editor, London: Routledge 2014); Europe and the World: The English School Meets Post-colonialism (editor, Review of European Studies 2012); The European Union and Peacebuilding (co-editor, Review of European Studies, 2013).

Student Feature – Theory in Action: The English School and the EU

Yannis Stivachtis • Jun 22 2019 • Student Features

The English School’s various conceptions of society provide helpful lenses to make sense of the EU.

Science, Technology and Security in the Middle East

Yannis Stivachtis • May 23 2019 • Articles

The technological dependence of Arab countries has enhanced their vulnerability to outside interference and reduced their internal, national integration.

Political (In)Security in the Middle East

Yannis Stivachtis • Apr 15 2019 • Articles

Weak states are problematic because their internal politics are often violent, and their domestic insecurity often spills over to disrupt the security of neighbouring states.

The EU and the Middle East: The European Neighbourhood Policy

Yannis Stivachtis • Nov 26 2018 • Articles

The EU should abolish neocolonial attitudes and become more open to the perceptions and viewpoints of its neighbors and cultivate a relationship of mutual respect and equal partnership.

Conflict and Diplomacy in the Middle East

Yannis Stivachtis • Oct 4 2018 • Articles

Due to its geopolitical importance, any conflict in the Middle East has the potential not only for destabilizing the region as a whole or upsetting the regional balance of power but also affecting global stability.

Introducing the English School in International Relations Theory

Yannis Stivachtis • Feb 23 2018 • Articles

The English school offers insights into the potential of stabilising international society by embedding ideas not just in the minds of political and economic elites but also in the minds of ordinary citizens.

Shifting Gears: From Global to Regional

Yannis Stivachtis • Feb 6 2016 • Articles

Does it still make sense to speak of a global international society? And what methodological challenges does this pose to the English School?

Civilizations and Global Hierarchies: An English School Approach

Yannis Stivachtis • May 28 2015 • Articles

The concept of ‘civilization’ differentiates, evaluates, includes, and excludes. In doing so, the civilization discourse creates global hierarchies.

Review – An Introduction to the English School of International Relations

Yannis Stivachtis • Jan 25 2015 • Features

Buzan’s seminal work on the English School offers a stimulating introduction for all students and scholars of IR and highlights the need for further research

Review – The Global Obama: Crossroads of Leadership in the 21st Century

Yannis Stivachtis • Nov 4 2014 • Features

Unique, precise, innovative and non-pretentious language make this book by Sharma and Gielen a recommended read for practitioners, scholars and the layperson alike.

The English School and the Study of Sub-global International Societies

Yannis Stivachtis • May 8 2013 • Articles

As the standard of civilization has fallen into disrepute, other standards have taken its place. Of particular importance is democracy, which encompasses human rights and the rule of law.

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