Author profile: Yaser Alashqar

Yaser Alashqar is a lecturer in the International Peace Studies Programme at Trinity College Dublin (the University of Dublin) in Ireland. His areas of research and teaching focus on Middle East politics, political mediation, comparative peace processes, civil society and conflict resolution studies including Israel-Palestinian issues. He has published a number of academic papers and articles related to these topics. He is also an academic member of the Centre for Palestine Studies at the University of London.

The Gaza Crisis: Restrictions and Challenges to the Humanitarian Space in Gaza

Yaser Alashqar • Nov 30 2019 • Articles

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is worsening due to aid restrictions, counter-terrorism legislation and the imposition of a no-contact policy with Hamas.

Revisiting Palestine’s Membership at the UN and Evolving Implications

Yaser Alashqar • Mar 1 2019 • Articles

Palestine’s admission as a non-member observer State at the UN has presented evolving implications and promising possibilities for Palestine’s quest for recognition

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