Roots and Features of Modern Ukrainian National Identity and Nationalism

Denys Kiryukhin • Mar 19 2015 • Articles
State politics since Ukraine’s independence were aimed at the consolidation of the homogeneity in culture and language of the dominance of Ukrainian cultural traditions

Building a Reform Movement: Could Muslims Emulate Nineteenth Century Judaism?

Jonathan Benthall • Mar 16 2015 • Articles
The challenge for Islamic reformers today is vastly more politically complicated. But could lessons on religious reform be found in Nineteenth Century Judaism?

A Fond Farewell to Dylan Kissane

Stephen McGlinchey • Mar 16 2015 • Articles
The Ivory Tower has been running since January 2013. Lovingly created, and curated, by Dylan Kissane. As Dylan embarks on a new career and the blog takes new ownership, we wish him all the best.

Regulating Religion in Public Space

Simon Thompson • Mar 16 2015 • Articles
Is it wrong to prevent some religious groups from putting up certain buildings or should a religious majority be allowed to shape public space just as it wishes?

Shadows Cast over Democracy in the Caribbean

Peter Clegg • Mar 16 2015 • Articles
What took place in St Kitts and Nevis indicates that despite the generally good record of democracy in the Caribbean, the region cannot rest on its laurels.

Brothers Grimm or Brothers Karamazov: The Myth and the Reality of How Russians and Ukrainians View the Other

Olga Onuch • Mar 15 2015 • Articles
Ukrainians and Russians do not generally view each other in a hostile manner, however, each side views the current relations between the two in a different way.

Understanding the Other Ukraine: Identity and Allegiance in Russophone Ukraine

Nicolai N. Petro • Mar 13 2015 • Articles
In the traditionally Russophone regions of Ukraine, political conflict arises whenever the legitimacy of Russian culture is challenged.

Ethnic and Social Composition of Ukraine’s Regions and Voting Patterns

David R. Marples • Mar 10 2015 • Articles
Regional voting is the most characteristic feature of Ukrainian elections, but additional factors also affect voting preferences such as the social position of the voter.

Sláinte: The Performative Geopolitics of the Irish Pub

Robert A. Saunders • Mar 10 2015 • Articles
With the internationalisation of the Irish pub one should note the performative geopolitics that typically characterise the space: historic maps, flags and rebel songs.

Thinking About Developmental States Beyond East Asia

Jesse Salah Ovadia • Mar 9 2015 • Articles
The experience of East Asian states cannot be easily replicated, as the ability of a state to undergo structural transformation is limited by the existing conditions.

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