NAFTA’s Future and Regional Security Cooperation

Richard W. Coughlin • Mar 7 2015 • Articles
The ultimate fate of NAFTA might be that the forces it has unleashed – mass migrations and transnational organized crime – are too powerful and destabilizing to contain.

Qui est Charlie?

Simon Thompson • Mar 6 2015 • Articles
In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks some commentators have said that free speech should have no limits. In fact, it does – and nearly everyone agrees that it should.

The US Coast Guard’s Western Hemisphere Strategy

The US Coast Guard seems interested in being the tip of the spear on positive US security activities in the Greater Caribbean’s future.

“Balkanizing” the War on Terror

Sidita Kushi • Mar 4 2015 • Articles
While the EU and the US must reassess risks and potential investments in the Western Balkans they must also learn to separate the politics from the true security threats.

Stability, Cooperation and Integration: The Future of Serb-Albanian Relations

Gëzim Krasniqi • Mar 2 2015 • Articles
The relations between Albania and Serbia depends on a precondition: mutual recognition as equals which means relinquishing the idea of hegemony in favour of cooperation.

In Good Faith? Reconsidering the Impact of Religion on Negotiated Settlements

Jason Klocek • Feb 27 2015 • Articles
Responses provoked by the religious identity of insurgents may be as crucial to explaining the dearth of negotiated settlements as how religion shapes rebel behavior.

What You Say is What You Get: The Gender Problem in IR

Elizabeth Mendenhall • Feb 26 2015 • Articles
Replacing “man-made” with “anthropogenic” will not solve the gender problem in IR, but it will increase the visibility of our quotidian contributions to patriarchy.

Peace and Reconciliation in the Balkans: Croatia vs. Serbia

Nikolina Židek • Feb 25 2015 • Articles
Reconciliation is a slow process but when there is political will, changes can occur and victims can eventually get redress through justice, truth and memory.

Queering Paradigms: From Individual Resistance to Global-Local Impact

Bee Scherer • Feb 23 2015 • Articles
Performative scholarship as activism promises further advances in Social Justice. Ethically, there is no 'mere criticality'; there is always also societal responsibility.

International Security in the Anthropocene

Simon Dalby • Feb 23 2015 • Articles
Climate change is a production issue, not a matter of environmental protection. Recognizing that the world is changing rapidly is the key to successful social adaptation.

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