The Parthenon Marbles in Russia: Referred Pain from a Colonial Past and Present

Elizabeth Alexander • Feb 11 2015 • Articles
Behind the debate over the artwork extracted from the Parthenon are British violence in post WWII Greece, the experience of austerity and matters of national identity.

Current Military and Political Menaces in the South Caucasus

Eduard Abrahamyan • Feb 11 2015 • Articles
Coercion and blackmail towards neighbors may be an inherent feature of Putin’s current policy. Thus, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan are not immune to Russian actions.

Time for a New Western Strategy in Ukraine

Robert W. Murray • Feb 10 2015 • Articles
Western strategy towards the Ukraine crisis has been a failure. Without a dose of deterrence to complement diplomatic efforts, Eastern Europe may share Ukraine's fate.

The Private Life of a Nation in Crisis

Georgia Aitaki • Feb 10 2015 • Articles
National TV fiction should not be excluded from the study of world politics, as it maintains a strong connection with a given culture’s everyday experiences.

Romanian Democracy at the Crossroads

Lavinia Stan and Ruxandra Canache • Feb 9 2015 • Articles
The emergence of a cleaner political elite would strengthen public trust in democracy, counter voter apathy and improve the country’s image abroad.

Is Argentina Going Totally Blind?

Thomas Bruneau and Florina Cristiana Matei • Feb 8 2015 • Articles
The proposal by President Cristina Kirchner to abolish the Secretariat of Intelligence, a mainly domestic intelligence service, may make Argentina totally blind.

Afghanistan in India’s Regional Calculus and Pakistan’s Detrimental Impact

Djan Sauerborn • Feb 7 2015 • Articles
With China's presence and the entrenched patterns of enmity between India and Pakistan, it will be interesting to observe how India pursues its stakes in the Hindu Kush.

The Accession of Palestine to the ICC: A Brief Analysis

Beti Hohler • Feb 3 2015 • Articles
With Palestine's accession to the International Criminal Court, the legal framework has changed and the parties to the conflict would be wise to accept and respect that.

There Aren’t Any Moderate Muslims in France

Joel Vessels • Feb 2 2015 • Articles
Charlie Hebdo has often played the role of public conscience in France, raising important concerns, lashing out at social injustice, and parodying public idiocy.

Remembering through Your Gut

Mukesh Kapila • Feb 2 2015 • Articles
This year Holocaust commemoration also marks the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation. The focus is on the suffering of the victims and the courage of the survivors.

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