Revitalizing African Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Knowledge Production

Hassan O. Kaya • May 26 2014 • Articles
A generic application of foreign ways of knowing and knowledge production – including technology systems in African cultural conditions – is inappropriate.

Self-Determination and Indigenous Health: Is There a Connection?

Michael Murphy • May 26 2014 • Articles
When people lack autonomy their mental and physical health tends to deteriorate, and for those who feel the least autonomous, the outcomes are generally the worst.

Meta-Geopolitics: the Relevance of Geopolitics in the Digital Age

Nayef Al-Rodhan • May 25 2014 • Articles
A Meta-geopolitical approach to IR is needed as it captures the relevance of classical geopolitical thinking and the challenges and normative shifts of the digital age.

South Sudan: Struggling to Stay Alive

Mukesh Kapila • May 24 2014 • Articles
The Republic of South Sudan is fighting to survive. The crisis in the world's newest nation is essentially a problem of governance, not a natural disaster.

Knowledge, Technology, and the Pragmatic Dimensions of Self-Determination

Marisa Elena Duarte • May 23 2014 • Articles
Indigenous uses of ICTs are about connecting to homelands, strengthening ways of knowing, disseminating ideas about what it takes to survive, resist, and transform.

A Blessing or a Curse? Aid Rentierism and State-building in Afghanistan

Sarajuddin Isar • May 23 2014 • Articles
Accountability goes where aid direction flows. Fuelled by foreign aid, the Afghan state tends to be more accountable to donors than to its own people.

Self-Determination as Anti-Extractivism: How Indigenous Resistance Challenges IR

Manuela Lavinas Picq • May 21 2014 • Articles
Indigeneity is a valuable approach to understanding world politics as much as it is a critical concept to move beyond state-centrism in International Relations.

Protesting Youth in an Age of Neoliberal Savagery

Henry A. Giroux • May 20 2014 • Articles
It is time for authentic rage to transform itself into an international movement for the creation of an effective strategy for social, political, and economic change.

Self-Determination: A Perspective from Abya Yala

Emilio del Valle Escalante • May 20 2014 • Articles
In their approaches to indigenous rights, both the EZLN and MAS allow us to critically explore what is at stake in our efforts to overcome (neo)colonialism.

Art and International Relations

Alex Danchev • May 20 2014 • Articles
What can art do? What does IR care? Art and International Relations have so much to say to each other, if they only but knew it.

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