‘House of Cards’ and the Depiction of America’s China

Ben Coulson • Jul 1 2014 • Articles

House of Cards indicates a new and emerging China discourse and its growing role in the identity politics shaping US foreign policy.

How Many Have to Die? Iraq and the Scale of the Crime

Adrian Gallagher • Jun 25 2014 • Articles

The real challenge facing the R2P is that there are multiple ‘manifest failings’ occurring on a range of different scales therefore we should not expect too much from it.

How Should We Study the History of International Thought?

Lucian M. Ashworth • Jun 20 2014 • Articles

An historical analysis of the rise and fall of ideas in IR shows a messy, idiosyncratic, and capricious process of multiple causes, ironies, and dilemmas.

Best Friends Forever? Classical Realism and Critical Theory

Felix Rösch • Jun 20 2014 • Articles

Contrary to common belief, classical realism and critical theory share an under-acknowledged historical and intellectual proximity.

Human Security at Twenty: Civilizing Process or Civilizing Mission?

Giorgio Shani • Jun 19 2014 • Articles

The problem for human security is that it continues to be articulated in terms unintelligible to the majority of the subjects in whose name it speaks: humanity.

How to Create British Values

Phil Cole • Jun 18 2014 • Articles

There is nothing wrong with endorsing freedom, tolerance and respect for the law as values. But claiming that they emerge from a particular national identity is divisive.

New Atheism: The Politics of Unbelief

Steven Kettell • Jun 18 2014 • Articles

Since the middle of the previous decade, the dramatic rise to prominence of the ‘new atheism’ has kept issues of religion at the forefront of public debate.

Are Drones the Answer? The EU and Contemporary Security Challenges

Jocelyn Mawdsley • Jun 16 2014 • Articles

While the immediate attractions of drones are fairly obvious in the military setting, the EU needs to consider the consequences of this type of technology use.

Entropy Versus Thought Traditions: IR Theory Isn’t Dead Yet

Robert L. Oprisko • Jun 16 2014 • Articles

Despite evidence to the contrary, IR Theory is enjoying a renaissance in novel and dynamic ideas that will keep theorists entertained and debating for years to come.

War from a Distance: The Ethics of Killer Robots

Mark Coeckelbergh • Jun 16 2014 • Articles

Using robots for targeted killing raises the question if this practice counts as “war”. Deciding about killer robots means deciding about the future of war and killing.

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