South Sudan: The Perils of New States

Gilbert M. Khadiagala • Apr 15 2014 • Articles
With functional and participatory institutions, South Sudan may well reclaim itself as a diverse nation within the regional and international environment.

The Left’s Europe Problem

Darian Meacham • Apr 15 2014 • Articles
What’s a Social Democrat to do? One solution is to push for enhanced powers for the EU Parliament. Another is to consider that EU institutions may have to be re-imagined.

Ukraine’s Future and Putin’s Eurasian Past

Christopher P. Isajiw • Apr 14 2014 • Articles
Ukraine’s future depends as much on the US, NATO, and EU as on the strength of the interim government in terms of its ability to deter Russian aggression.

Goodbye, Spring

Dylan Kissane • Apr 14 2014 • Articles
It’s the final week of classes at CEFAM for the Spring semester. It’s been a hard and tiring semester. Bring on the Summer, and soon.

The 1994 Rwandan Genocide

Paul Magnarella • Apr 14 2014 • Articles
UN and foreign military interventions may have postponed the 1994 genocide that occurred in Rwanda, but they would not have solved the underlying problems that led to it.

The Washington and Baghdad Relationship: Are the Allies in the Same Orbit?

Zana Khasraw Gulmohamad • Apr 12 2014 • Articles
Preserving a working relationship is a priority for both the US and Iraq despite both being on relatively different regional policy tracks.

Switzerland and the EU: Many a Slip Between Swiss Cup and Lip

Clive H Church • Apr 11 2014 • Articles
Swiss politics has too many veto players for swift decisions. It is out of the interplay of these contending forces that any change in its foreign policy will come.

Arctic Indigenous Peoples, Climate Change Impacts, and Adaptation

Adam Stepien • Apr 10 2014 • Articles
A superficial understanding of Arctic realities, as well as simplistic responses, may lead to ineffective strategies, adverse outcomes, and copying past policy failures.

India’s Vote on Sri Lanka: A Responsible Choice

Bhaskar Balakrishnan • Apr 10 2014 • Articles
On 27 March 2014, the UN Human Rights Council adopted Resolution 25/1 on Sri Lanka. India abstained in the vote, which was a sensible, responsible, and balanced decision.


Dylan Kissane • Apr 10 2014 • Articles
The academic year runs according to the pattern of the seasons. This pattern is under pressure today from moves in the academy towards greater maximization of resources.

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