Iran’s Moderate Moment: The Leader Just Let It Go

Maysam Behravesh • Jul 7 2013 • Articles
The election of Hassan Rouhani gave a new lease of life to the Islamic Republic with a guarantee that its foundational structures will remain unchallenged for the years to come.

The European Union and the Arab Spring: Business as Usual in Unusual Times?

Chiara Steindler • Jul 6 2013 • Articles
In absence of a proper military capability, the EU has exercised the limited international actorness allowed by its Treaties - principally mediation and economic influence.

Colombia’s Peace Process: Agrarian Reform and Rural Development

William Avilés • Jul 6 2013 • Articles
The FARC-Government’s recent accord on agrarian reform represents a positive step in the current peace process, however, there are important obstacles facing its implementation.

Media Contributions to Arab Women’s Rights

Maurice Odine • Jul 5 2013 • Articles
Surely, this is the century for women’s rights. The role of Arab women journalists as agents of change is desperately needed to eliminate stereotypes and bias in Arab societies.

Latin America and the Re-Centering of Global Power

Gian Luca Gardini • Jul 5 2013 • Articles
Global power is shifting to the apparent benefit of Latin America but how does the region view these shifts and how has this influenced patterns of co-operation?

Life through a PRISM: Data Mining, Processing Capacity and Intelligence Gathering

Kristan Stoddart • Jul 4 2013 • Articles
Details of PRISM were leaked by whistle-blower Edward Snowden, and have spurred much controversy. PRISM poses major questions for the U.S., its intelligence partners, and for liberal democracies.

One Year After RIO+20: Is Sustainable Development on Track In India?

P.K. Gautam • Jul 4 2013 • Articles
The idea of sustainable development might be rhetorical. With that in mind, there may be very little substance for the UN or other agencies to showcase.

Taking Politics Online

Dylan Kissane • Jul 4 2013 • Articles
Summer in France means a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of teaching, but it is also a time of hard work and preparation for the start of the new academic semester in the fall.

War in Syria: The Proxy Element

Paul Rogers • Jul 4 2013 • Articles
While there is a strong element of a proxy war behind the fighting in Syria, the forces and interests involved are best understood in terms of inter-state relations going back more than a decade.

The End of the War on Terror and the Future of US Public Diplomacy

Amelia Arsenault • Jul 2 2013 • Articles
It remains to be seen whether the end of the war on terror will impact conceptions of public diplomacy’s role as a central tool in the battle for ideas or as an essential part of diplomacy.

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