Climate Change and Least Developed Countries: A Himalayan Perspective

Olivia Gippner • May 26 2013 • Articles
The needs of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) haven't traditionally been addressed in climate negotiations. Successful market instruments have benefited emerging economies rather than LDCs like Nepal.

Relationalism: Reflecting on One “How” of Navigating Substance and Process in IR

Kathryn Marie Fisher • May 25 2013 • Articles
Relationalism is both a general multidisciplinary perspective and an emerging signpost for something new; a way to grapple with tensions along the processual-substantive spectrum of social relations.

IR Theory’s 21st Century Experiential Evolution

Robert L. Oprisko • May 25 2013 • Articles
The shared experiences of the 21st century are leading to a shift in IR theory. These new directions are leading to a multi-disciplinary approach that moves away from focusing on the state.

I Say Democracy Promotion, You Say Democracy-Development, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off?

Matthew A. Hill • May 24 2013 • Articles
The failures to develop stable democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq have shaped the study of U.S. democracy promotion.

Theory vs Practice: Myth or Reality?

Thomas G. Weiss and Giovanna Kuele • May 23 2013 • Articles
We should dispel the myths that scholars and practitioners are two belligerents who come from two different worlds. There have more fruitful interactions and synergies than we think.


Dylan Kissane • May 22 2013 • Articles
Teaching politics in China is going to be a different experience. The prospect makes one pause and recall the sorts of freedoms we enjoy in the West and the way professors do sometimes take them for granted.

Understanding the DPRK

Jennifer Jung-Kim • May 21 2013 • Articles
By seeing North Korea as rational, we might be able to look beyond the posturing and threats from all sides, and move toward resolving the Korean War with a peace treaty.

Women and the Arab Spring: A Window of Opportunity or More of the Same?

Fatma Osman Ibnouf • May 21 2013 • Articles
Women have made their voice heard in the Arab Spring, however, the ‘gains’ in terms of gender roles can be lost in the post-revolution period when ‘going back to normal’ is the priority.

The Need for an English School Research Program

Robert W. Murray • May 21 2013 • Articles
Until the practitioners of the English School begin to define precisely what an ES research program would look like, the School’s impact on international theory remains outside the mainstream.

Great Power Management: English School Meets Governmentality?

Alexander Astrov • May 20 2013 • Articles
Whilst there is hardly any doubt as to the existence of four of the five major institutions of international society identified by Hedley Bull, this is not the case with the fifth institution: great power management.

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