From Moral to Amoral

Dylan Kissane • May 15 2013 • Articles
It is going to be rather enjoyable to watch the students discuss and recognise exactly where the amoral world of self-interest inevitably leads – and then to see if they will learn from it in the lessons that follow.

Pluralism and International Society

Tom Keating • May 15 2013 • Articles
Pluralism, a kind that respects state sovereignty even as it acknowledges the enhanced concern for rights or the shifting demands for a more integrated global economy, remains a critical foundation for international society.

World Society as Humankind

Matthew Weinert • May 14 2013 • Articles
World society never attracted as much attention as its sister concept, international society, which has served in the classical English School tradition as the via media between realism and revolutionism.

Reflecting on Kenneth Waltz

Robert W. Murray • May 14 2013 • Articles
As professors, students and lovers of international relations, we walk in the shadows of giants. Our field lost one of its giants yesterday with the passing of the undisputedly influential Kenneth Waltz.

Engendering the Arab Spring: Where Do Egyptian Women’s Rights Go From Here?

Samantha Cooke • May 13 2013 • Articles
Based on the approaches and opinions which have been purported thus far by the Egyptian government, it appears unlikely that gender equality in Egypt will improve any time soon.

After Boston: Terrorism and Response

Terrorism affects individuals in different ways. In Boston, there was a large cast with many characters, including perpetrators, victims, bystanders, first responders, media & leaders.

Another Revolt Against the West?

Jason Ralph • May 13 2013 • Articles
Hedley Bull once described what he called “the revolt against the West”. When looking at the contemporary international society, it seems that Bull's narrative still has relevance today.

Should Western Nations Arm Syrian Rebels?

Samer N. Abboud • May 10 2013 • Articles
There is a compelling case for increased militarization in the ongoing Syrian crisis, but such an intervention may seriously affect the prospects of finding a political solution to the conflict.

Europeanization: Analyzing the Domestic Change in Turkey

Diğdem Soyaltin • May 10 2013 • Articles
It remains to be seen whether Turkey will pursue further EU-focused change. This is related to the flexibility of the secular republic and those actors demanding a more democratic and liberal state.

The Syrian Predicament

Nadav Morag • May 9 2013 • Articles
The civil war playing out in Syria is an extreme manifestation of a common problem: the creation of independent states based on boundaries that did not reflect social and demographic realities.

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