Immigration Bonds: An Efficient Free Market Solution or a Discriminatory Policy?

Mary Manjikian • Apr 15 2013 • Articles
The proposal of immigration bonds in the UK raises several issues for IR scholars. Different theoretical approaches can provide an insight into a case that could possibly establish a precedent.

In Search of Righting Wrongs: Women and the Transitional Justice Process in Tunisia

Doris H. Gray • Apr 13 2013 • Articles
The inclusion of women, especially Islamists as the largest group of victims, is important for the overall success of transitional justice and to ensure that women’s rights will not be eroded in Tunisia.

Women and Political Leadership

Michael A. Genovese • Apr 13 2013 • Articles
At some point, the fact that it is a female leading a government will be utterly banal. We will look past gender and notice other qualities of leadership: vision, managerial skill, judgment, empathy, and character.

Migrant Cosmopolitanism

Thomas Nail • Apr 11 2013 • Articles
Republican cosmopolitanism is only part of cosmopolitanism—the most reactionary part. The true agents and movers of cosmopolitan history and politics have always been, and continue to be, migrants.

On Mediation Efficacy: Clarifying the Current Controversy

Afa'anwi Ma'abo Che • Apr 11 2013 • Articles
Biased/manipulative mediators are more efficient in generating agreements but are less effective in producing peace; conversely, neutral/facilitative mediators are less efficient but more effective.

Towards a More Crowded Heavens?

Taylor Marvin • Apr 11 2013 • Articles
National space programs are tools states leverage for a variety of purposes, not expressions of an apolitical human urge to explore. Like nuclear weapons, crewed spaceflight programs remain widely perceived as a signifier of great power status.

Escalation Gambit: North Korea’s Perilous Play for Security and Prosperity

Benjamin Habib • Apr 10 2013 • Articles
The hostile posturing of the North Korean leadership is decipherable if located within the context of its symbiotic national security and economic development goals.

IR Theory and the DPRK

Robert W. Murray • Apr 10 2013 • Articles
Looking at interpretations of current events through an IR theory lens, it is astonishing at how often claims have been made that war is likely, and that we have no way of understanding what North Korea might do.

Invisible Legions: The Pope and International Relations

Jodok Troy • Apr 10 2013 • Articles
The election of Pope Francis is obviously significant for millions of Roman Catholics all over the world, but its importance for international relations is not immediately apparent.

The Crisis Erupts

Dylan Kissane • Apr 10 2013 • Articles
Influenced by the plot of a Tom Clancy novel, the POL 210 simulation this week focuses on a resource hungry China which invades the Russian East in search of minerals and natural resources to feed its growing economy.

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