Power, Domestic Politics, and the Spanish-American War

Bella Wang • May 21 2012 • Essays
The Spanish-American War fails to support strict interpretation of democratic peace theory, and instead provides an instance in which two democracies went go to war because their people demanded it.

China’s Naval Modernization: A Fundamental Change in its National Security Strategy?

Shaun Sunil Sandu • May 20 2012 • Essays
China has more than quadrupled its expenditure on naval spending as part of a policy of sharply increasing defence spending since the early 2000s.

Roosevelt’s Path to the Second World War: Interventionist or Isolationist?

Jenny Wilson • May 20 2012 • Essays
Stuck with an isolationist Congress and public, Roosevelt pursued a policy of appeasement while always entertaining the need for entry into the war.

The Influence of Right Wing Politics in Britain During the 2009 European Elections

Kriti Bami • May 15 2012 • Essays
Parties that identify with being on the right of centre, who follow a Eurosceptic ideology and call for the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union show significant growth in electoral support in recent years.

The Effect of Nationalist Ideology on Violence in Yugoslavia in the 1990s

William Western • May 15 2012 • Essays
Nationalist ideology provided the moral, political and military impetus to ethnically cleanse contested territories to create a ‘fit’ between nation and state.

The Role of Stable Small States in Implementing the Responsibility to Protect

Charles Tay • May 9 2012 • Essays
Smaller nations have played a secondary, or non-existent role to major powers. Yet, they are well placed to play instrumental roles in implementing the R2P.

Judging Susceptibility to Ethnic Conflict

Charlotte Clapham • May 6 2012 • Essays
There is nothing inevitable or predictable about ethnic conflict; it is far more complicated a phenomenon than simply a foreseeable clash of ethnicities.

A Critical Analysis of Civil-Military Cooperation in Post-Taliban Afghanistan

Ramin Shirzay • May 4 2012 • Essays
Humanitarian NGO's are suffering from a deficient civil-military cooperation approach caused by the enormous engagement of the military in relief operations.

Explaining War: A Comparison of Realism and Constructivism

Ksawery Lisinski • May 3 2012 • Essays
Constructivism offers a more detailed and accurate account of war than realism due to its focus on social factors and the importance of ideas.

Prospects and Challenges for the Development of Middle Eastern Democracy

Robyn Halbert • May 3 2012 • Essays
Whilst many of the monarchies in the region seem unwilling to cede power entirely to more democratic institutions, there has been a push for constitutional monarchies.

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