Overcoming Empire’s Seduction: Decolonizing International Relations

Ernest Lee • Jun 30 2020 • Essays
Post-colonial theory challenges the validity of knowledge on former colonial societies, but is often accused of being deconstructive at the expense of a practical focus.

A Pareto Optimal Peace: How the Dayton Peace Agreement Struck a Unique Balance

Hyunso Oh • Jun 28 2020 • Essays
While optimal for no party, the DPA was an innovative shot at a pareto optimal peace between the irreconcilable agendas of the three ethnic-communities.

Private Military Companies and Sacrifice: Reshaping State Sovereignty

Samuel Stockwell • Jun 24 2020 • Essays
The use of private military companies by states fundamentally alters a crucial tenant of sovereign power during war with regard to national sacrifice.

Imperialism’s Legacy in the Study of Contemporary Politics: The Case of Hegemonic Stability Theory

Phuong Pham • Jun 22 2020 • Essays
Imperialism's legacy continues to influence the contemporary study of world politics, as the case of hegemonic stability theory shows.

Enduring Stark Utopia: A Polanyian Reading of the Global Political Economy

Alessandro Colasanti • Jun 19 2020 • Essays
The work of Karl Polanyi illuminates the link between socio-political outcomes that resulted from the economic crashes of 1929 and 2008.

Liberal Peace and Its Crisis: The Revival of Authoritarianism

Johanna Kuchling • Jun 16 2020 • Essays
Only a renewed commitment to liberal peace can prevent authoritarian states from enforcing a new paradigm of illiberal peace.

Water Crisis or What are Crises? A Case Study of India-Bangladesh Relations

Roshani Jain • Jun 11 2020 • Essays
The nature of India-Bangladesh relations can be better understood by analyzing water insecurity, a critical feature of each country's geopolitics.

The Call for a New Subject: Gender and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Lilly Felk • Jun 11 2020 • Essays
The Covid-19 crisis has further revealed the need for International Relations to more fully incorporate the ideas of gender and feminist theorists.

Constructivism’s Relevance to Understanding Brexit

Laura Katharina Albinger • Jun 8 2020 • Essays
Brexit can be understood as a result of British national identity, a product of the UK’s geography and history, which was perceived as incompatible with European identity.

A Failure of Coercion: The George W. Bush Administration and North Korea

Rupert Schulenburg • Jun 7 2020 • Essays
As long as the DPRK fears for its survival, it is doubtful that any state can coerce the DPRK to abandon its nuclear weapons.

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