Violence and Otherness: A New Perspective on Decolonisation Beyond Fanon

Giulia Tempo • Jun 4 2020 • Essays
One can extend Frantz Fanon's original account of violent de-othering beyond decolonization by establishing a dialogue between Fanon and the work of Tzvetan Todorov.

What American and European Scholarship on the Iranian Revolution Has Omitted

Chloé Bernadaux • Jun 4 2020 • Essays
Most accounts fail to provide an all-encompassing explanation of the revolution, however each contributes one piece of the puzzle.

When Economic Needs Trump Popular Will: The Case of the German Agenda 2010

Marius Zeevaert • Jun 1 2020 • Essays
Germany’s Agenda 2010 adversely affected citizen trust in democracy by favoring market competitiveness over democratic deliberation.

Can Islamist Movements Be Moderated Through Political Participation?

Drishti Suri • May 29 2020 • Essays
The internal power structures and dynamics of the Islamic movements determine their responses to the political opportunities and obstacles faced upon inclusion.

ISIS, Radicalization and the Gendered Online Jihad

Emma van den Aakster • May 22 2020 • Essays
Female foreign recruits to ISIS are an important, though often-ignored, part of the organization. All ISIS recruits contribute to state-building in gendered ways.

Is There a Right to Secession in International Law?

Mia Abel • May 18 2020 • Essays
There is minimal and conflicting evidence in regard to the application of the right to remedial secession in practice, requiring consolidation from the ICJ.

Can Marxism in International Relations Offer Solutions to the Eco-Crisis?

Jessica Hubbard • May 16 2020 • Essays
Marx’s conception of nature was ecological to its core, and Marxism as an IR theory provides a possible framework to discuss global environmental policy.

Cultural Relativism in R.J. Vincent’s “Human Rights and International Relations”

Thomas Caldwell • May 11 2020 • Essays
Vincent is successful in combating cultural relativist opposition to universal human rights, insofar as his core argument pre-emptively eschews questions of relativism.

Is Decolonisation Always a Violent Phenomenon?

Sehar Shaheryar • May 9 2020 • Essays
In the cases of 20th century decolonisation, violence was an unavoidable means to overthrowing a violent system.

The Problem of Cyber Attribution Between States

Clara Assumpção • May 6 2020 • Essays
Cyber attribution does not always lead to the desired outcome of deterrence. Thus, the laws governing this issue should be used on an ad hoc basis.

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