Interview – Ronaldo Munck

E-International Relations • May 25 2015 • Features
Professor Munck discusses labour movement responses to neoliberal restructuring, Gramscian perspectives on Latin America, and the contemporary relevance of Marxism.

Interview – Jessica Stern

E-International Relations • May 11 2015 • Features
Jessica Stern discusses the strategy of ISIS, reflects on her background in Chemistry, and considers the methodological implications of researching terrorist groups.

Interview – Stephen McGlinchey

E-International Relations • Apr 29 2015 • Features
E-IR's Editor-in-Chief gives an insiders perspective on the operations of the website, discusses the relevance of social media & blogging, and addresses the importance of open access.

Interview – Paul Higate

E-International Relations • Apr 22 2015 • Features
Dr. Higate reflects on military masculinities, developments in the private military security industry, and the role of UN peacekeepers in shaping perceptions of security.

Interview – Minqi Li

E-International Relations • Apr 7 2015 • Features
Professor Li discusses crises of the global economy, the significance of ecological limits to growth, and the imperative for an alternative socialist world system.

Interview – Santiago Zabala

E-International Relations • Mar 23 2015 • Features
Professor Zabala shares his insights on the irrelevance of nationality, the continuing relevance of Marx, and explains how Hugo Chávez bears similarities to Barack Obama.

Interview – Marina Ottaway

E-International Relations • Mar 8 2015 • Features
Marina Ottaway, senior scholar at Woodrow Wilson Center, talks about the fight against ISIS, US democracy promotion, prospects for Egypt, and secular parties in the Middle East.

Interview – Patricia Owens

E-International Relations • Jan 31 2015 • Features
Dr. Patricia Owens discusses her recent work, Hannah Arendt's theories and the need to fundamentally rethink the relationship between history and theory within IR.

Interview – Marc Sageman

E-International Relations • Nov 20 2014 • Features
Marc Sageman talks about what's wrong in terrorism studies, how identity fosters the radicalization process, and about the effectiveness of airstrikes against ISIS.

Interview – Kathleen Hicks

E-International Relations • Nov 6 2014 • Features
Dr. Kathleen Hicks, Henry A. Kissinger Chair and director of CSIS talks about US defense planning, the campaign against ISIL, NATO and Ukraine, and the role of gender in national security circles.

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