Interview – William Blum

E-International Relations • Oct 25 2013 • Features

Author William Blum offers his thoughts on past CIA interventions, the Obama Administration, Osama bin Laden and explains how he became a ‘crazed, fanatical socialist’.

Interview – Stephen Walt

E-International Relations • Oct 11 2013 • Features

Professor Walt discusses the Syria crisis, the value of “isms” in IR theory, and advises students to be good writers and work on subjects that genuinely fascinate them.

Interview – Michael Walzer

E-International Relations • Sep 10 2013 • Features

Professor Walzer answers reader questions about intervention in Syria, just war in the age of drones, preventing genocide and mass atrocities, and Israel-Palestine peace negotiations.

Interview – Anthony D. Smith

E-International Relations • Sep 3 2013 • Features

Professor Anthony D. Smith answers your questions about the origin of nations, changing conceptions of nationhood in the EU, and the links between nationalism and genocide.

Interview – Graeme Snooks

E-International Relations • Aug 7 2013 • Features

Professor Snooks answers your questions about his dynamic-strategy theory, what past financial crises can tell us about the world’s current economic turmoil, and the future of great power clashes.

Interview – Tariq Ramadan

E-International Relations • Jul 31 2013 • Features

Professor Ramadan answers your questions about the compatibility of Islam and liberal democracy, prospects for the Arab Spring, and the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Interview – Nick Pratt

E-International Relations • Jun 27 2013 • Features

Colonel Nick Pratt discuses successful counter-insurgency practices, the Obama administration’s drone program, women terrorists, and future international security threats.

Interview – Terry Nardin

E-International Relations • Jun 18 2013 • Features

Professor Terry Nardin of the National University of Singapore answers your questions about humanitarian intervention, human rights, recent events in the Middle East and West Africa, and global justice.

Interview – Thomas Pogge

E-International Relations • Jun 12 2013 • Features

Thomas Pogge answers questions about global poverty, achieving a just global redistribution of income, John Rawls’ legacy, and his book World Poverty and Human Rights.

Interview – Chris Brown

E-International Relations • May 28 2013 • Features

Professor Brown answers reader questions about the theory-practice divide, non-Western political theory, the ongoing crisis in Syria, and challenges to the UN’s Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine.

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