Interview – Hans Carl von Werthern

E-International Relations • Jul 11 2019 • Features
Ambassador Hans Carl von Werthern discusses Germany-Japan relations, proposals for reform of the UN Security Council, and the impact of the Fukushima disaster in Germany.

Interview – Adrian Monck

E-International Relations • Jul 4 2019 • Features
Head of Communications and Media at the World Economic Forum, Adrian Monck, discusses his role, fake news, the media and trust, and he responds to critiques of the forum.

Interview – Muchiru Mark Kuria

E-International Relations • Jun 30 2019 • Features
Muchiru Mark Kuria disusses his company, Kuria Capital, developments and challenges for Kenya's digital ecosystem, its young entrepreneurs, and the 'Silicon Savannah'.

Interview – Sara Salem

E-International Relations • Jun 24 2019 • Features
Sara Salem explores postcolonial, Marxist and feminist theory, the Egyptian feminist movement, transnational solidarity and the radical roots of intersectionality.

Interview – Céline Pajon

E-International Relations • Jun 13 2019 • Features
Céline Pajon talks to us about the impact of Abenomics, France-Japan relations, as well as Japan's increasing assertiveness and France's role in the Asia-Pacific region.

Interview – Tom Watts

E-International Relations • Jun 6 2019 • Features
Tom Watts discusses his research on security cooperation as an instrument of remote warfare, Obama's counterterrorism policies and life as an early-career scholar.

Interview – Sophie Harman

E-International Relations • Jun 2 2019 • Features
Sophie Harman spoke to us about her BAFTA nominated film Pili, film as a research method, issues in global health governance and agency in feminist decolonial research.

Interview – Jonna Nyman

E-International Relations • May 27 2019 • Features
Jonna Nyman discusses the 'energy security paradox', energy securitisation, her fieldwork in China and current research that seeks to understand security beyond the West.

Interview – George Butler

E-International Relations • May 20 2019 • Features
Reportage artist, George Butler, talks to us about his work drawing the news in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, as well the future for young Syrians and his Hands Up Foundation.

Interview – Abbey Steele

E-International Relations • May 16 2019 • Features
Abbey Steele talks to us about the Colombian conflict, forms of displacement, the practice of 'subcontracted state-building', her fieldwork in Colombia and women in IR.

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