Review – Revisiting Intelligence and Policy

Maarten Broekhof • May 6 2014 • Features

Marrin’s edited volume offers some potentially interesting arguments about the ‘politicisation’ of intelligence, but is ultimately a static and disjointed collection.

Edited Collection – Restoring Indigenous Self Determination

E-International Relations • May 3 2014 • Features

This volume’s contributors suggest that much more work is needed to determine what Indigenous self-determination means in theory and how it is to be achieved in practice.

Review – Russian Energy in a Changing World

Stephen Fortescue • May 3 2014 • Features

Godzimirski’s edited collection is a timely analysis of Russia’s energy policies that will aid our understanding of the recent past and future of this volatile region.

Review – Militancy and Violence in West Africa

Carl LeVan • May 2 2014 • Features

This tome convincingly shows how we must see violent extremism as a political and social phenomenon whose religious and regional variations are easily misunderstood.

Review Feature – Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran

Stephen McGlinchey • Apr 27 2014 • Features

Iran’s regional policies have been a complex affair since its 1979 revolution. The books reviewed here document Iran’s rapport with Syria & its rivalry with Saudi Arabia.

Interview – Laura Sjoberg

E-International Relations • Apr 25 2014 • Features

Professor Sjoberg discusses gender and war, queer theory, women and gender in the International Relations discipline, her new blog, and offers advice for young scholars.

Review – The Formation of the Chinese Communist Party

Kendrick Kuo • Apr 22 2014 • Features

Ishikawa’s deep archival research casts doubt on the official history of the formation of the Chinese Communist Party, but is often overwhelmingly dense.

Review – Memory and Trauma in International Relations

Aline Sierp • Apr 18 2014 • Features

Resende and Budryte’s volume brings a fresh approach to the study of trauma and memory in IR, although ultimately fails to propose a coherent research agenda.

Review – EU Foreign Policy and Crisis Management Operations

Neil Winn • Apr 14 2014 • Features

Pohl’s exceptional analysis of the EU’s CSDP disputes traditional realist arguments that it exists to counter-balance the US.

Review – Deconstructing Zionism

Rumy Hasan • Apr 14 2014 • Features

Vattimo and Marder’s edited collection subjects Zionism to a sustained critique, although the philosophers’ contributions arguably vary in relevance and quality.

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