Review – Deconstructing Zionism

Rumy Hasan • Apr 14 2014 • Features

Vattimo and Marder’s edited collection subjects Zionism to a sustained critique, although the philosophers’ contributions arguably vary in relevance and quality.

Review – Local and Global Dynamics of Peacebuilding

Simon Taylor • Apr 13 2014 • Features

Cubitt’s analysis of post-conflict reconstruction in Sierra Leone offers a unique case study for the critical and empirical examination of liberal peace-making.

Review – Military Media Management

Rhys Crilley • Apr 11 2014 • Features

Maltby’s examination of military media operations successfully evaluates armed forces’ traditional media management techniques, but fails to consider social media.

Review – The Domestic Sources of European Foreign Policy

Steven Robinson • Apr 6 2014 • Features

Serrano emphasises the importance of domestic politics in shaping policy decisions at the EU level, an influence that has not always been empirically justified.

Review – Visual Politics and North Korea

Virginie Grzelczyk • Apr 1 2014 • Features

David Shim uses a welcome Critical Studies lens to consider how images of North Korea are used to construct a particular narrative and justify foreign policy decisions.

Review – Buraimi: The Struggle for Power, Influence and Oil in Arabia

Tore T. Petersen • Mar 26 2014 • Features

Morton provides insight into the disputes of the South Eastern Arabian Peninsula, yet fails to provide an adequate understanding of US policy in the region.

Review – 1989 as a Political World Event

Flavia Gasbarri • Mar 25 2014 • Features

The peculiarity of Rupnik’s collection is its focus on 1989 as “world event”, although the manifestly Euro-centric perspective does not permit a truly extensive analysis.

Review – United States-Africa Security Relations

Kevin Dunn • Mar 11 2014 • Features

Kalu & Kieh’s edited collection presents a key understanding of where US-Africa relations should be going, instead of an adequate analysis of where they are now.

Review – The New Continentalism

Kendrick Kuo • Mar 6 2014 • Features

Calder offers a fresh take on Eurasian integration, widening the scope of inquiry into the realms of comparative politics and international political economy.

Review – Reconceptualising Deterrence

Sanjeev Kumar • Mar 3 2014 • Features

Lieberman’s thorough examination of the central role of deterrence in contemporary Security Studies illustrates the existing gap between theory and evidence of success.

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