Interview – Norman Finkelstein

E-International Relations • Nov 4 2013 • Features

Norman Finkelstein discusses the future of the Palestinians, the BDS movement, Hassan Rouhani, the conflict in Syria and the follies of the academic tenure system.

Interview – William Blum

E-International Relations • Oct 25 2013 • Features

Author William Blum offers his thoughts on past CIA interventions, the Obama Administration, Osama bin Laden and explains how he became a ‘crazed, fanatical socialist’.

Review – Routledge Handbook on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Alaa Tartir • Oct 22 2013 • Features

In an attempt to address the polarization of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, this Handbook struggles to find a narrative for peace when power imbalances remain unchallenged at the root.

Edited Collection – Boko Haram: The Anatomy of a Crisis

E-International Relations • Oct 13 2013 • Features

Many issues about Boko Haram remain unclear. This compendium of articles, by selected experts, is essential reading for those interested in the the sect and its importance.

Interview – Stephen Walt

E-International Relations • Oct 11 2013 • Features

Professor Walt discusses the Syria crisis, the value of “isms” in IR theory, and advises students to be good writers and work on subjects that genuinely fascinate them.

Review – International Security

Klaus Dodds • Oct 10 2013 • Features

Browning’s book succeeds in conveying to both academic and general readers some of the core issues surrounding the term ‘international security’.

Review – China’s Search for Security

Kendrick Kuo • Oct 10 2013 • Features

Comprehensive, persuasive, and empathetic, Nathan and Scobell offer a fresh look at what could easily be a stale litany of threats to China’s rise and a thorough treatment of China’s security policies.

Review – Terrorism and the Politics of Social Change

Austin T. Turk • Oct 7 2013 • Features

Dingley’s analysis of the origins of terrorism is somewhat undermined by his Durkheimian sociological approach, and his use of qualitative methodologies in place of sophisticated statistical research.

Student Book Features: Anarchist Political Theory

James Wakefield • Oct 4 2013 • Features

The arguments against politics and for anarchy presented in these two recently re-issued books are problematic. Nonetheless they cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Review – Anatomy of a Bad Idea: COIN Best Practices

Harvey M. Sapolsky • Sep 24 2013 • Features

Nearly every question about how the U.S. Army came to be entangled in wars it knew better than to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan are answered by three excellent and complementary books.

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