Review – Syria at Bay

Christina Hellmich • Aug 16 2012 • Features
Carsten Wieland offers a nuanced insight into the complex make-up of Syrian society before it descended into chaos. Such insights will be of enormous value in a post Assad era.

Review – Strategic Vision

Shiran Shen • Aug 7 2012 • Features
In his signature crisp and penetrating style, Zbigniew Brzezinski seeks to outline the needed strategic vision to get the U.S.- or the West at large - back on the global leadership track.

Review – The Counter-Counter Insurgency Manual

James Hevia • Aug 3 2012 • Features
This book opposes the militarization of anthropology, and views the US army’s effort to enlist anthropologists as fieldworkers as ethically repugnant.

Review – Border Walls

Karthika Sasikumar • Aug 1 2012 • Features
With imagination and erudition, Jones investigates the fundamental tensions between democratic ideals and the brute realities of the enforcement of state power on the ground.

Review – Contemporary Military Innovation

Harvey M. Sapolsky • Jul 29 2012 • Features
The key to this excellent collection of essays on military planning and practice in the modern era is in the subtitle: anticipation and adaptation.

Review – Democratic Civil-Military Relations

Paul Chambers • Jul 28 2012 • Features
The demands placed on European democracies have re-prioritized values for the armed forces. This book offers a pioneering study of the challenges in democratic civil-military relations.

Review – Confront and Conceal

Andrew J. Gawthorpe • Jul 26 2012 • Features
Those wishing to understand the limitations of American power and how difficult the foreign policy-making process will be in an age of austerity should consult this first draft of history.

Review – Tiger Trap: America’s Secret Spy War with China

Shiran Shen • Jul 19 2012 • Features
The stakes of Chinese espionage against the US are higher than ever. Tiger Trap is a timely book which enriches understanding of the issue.

Review – Muslims in Indian Cities

Reece Jones • Jul 12 2012 • Features
As the authors of this volume demonstrate, India's 170 million Muslim population have been the losers in a legacy of establishing separate territories for non-territorial religious categories.

Review – Can Intervention Work?

Chris McCarthy • Jul 9 2012 • Features
Stewart and Knaus argue that the international community is capable of stopping mass atrocities. Yet, it must adopt an incremental approach burnished by local knowledge and expertise.

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