Review – Shields of the Republic: The Triumph and Peril of America’s Alliances

Thomas Zeiler • Feb 7 2021 • Features

In her perceptive look at America’s alliance system since WWII, Rapp-Hooper argues that these defensive security guarantees were remarkably successful in deterring aggression.

Review – Erdoğan’s Empire: Turkey and the Politics of the Middle East

Matthew Goldman • Jan 31 2021 • Features

An insightful account of the rise and fall of Turkey’s efforts to become a ‘stand-alone power’ under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, ideal for a policy audience.

Review – James Ker-Lindsay’s YouTube Channel

Irene Fernández-Molina • Jan 24 2021 • Features

James Ker-Lindsay’s accessible YouTube videos provide a wealth of factual information, examples and analysis on the state, self-determination and secession.

Review – Popular Culture, Geopolitics and Identity

Adagbo Onoja • Jan 17 2021 • Features

This second edition presents fascinating demonstrations of popular culture in action and considers popular culture beyond the representational.

Review – First Raise a Flag: How South Sudan Won the Longest War but Lost the Peace

Cliff (Ubba) Kodero • Jan 11 2021 • Features

A meticulously researched, revelatory, and engrossing account of how South Sudan’s pursuit of statehood became a struggle for survival.

Review – Globalizing Morocco: Transnational Activism and the Postcolonial State

Blanca Camps-Febrer • Jan 2 2021 • Features

An important contribution to the history of nationalism in Morocco, especially US-Moroccan history.

Review – Imagining Afghanistan: The History and Politics of Imperial Knowledge

Maximilian Drephal • Dec 23 2020 • Features

Manchanda’s book, which dissects the imperialism of colonial knowledge cultivation, is an essential read for any knowledge practitioner.

Review – The Far Right Today

Hüseyin Pusat Kildiş • Dec 16 2020 • Features

Mudde’s book presents a detailed account of the fourth wave of far right politics and considers a range of examples that look beyond stereotypes.

Review – Sufism: A Theoretical Intervention in Global International Relations

Faiz Sheikh • Dec 8 2020 • Features

A fascinating book which covers a new ontological, epistemological and methodological approach for IR, as well as more empirically grounded studies of Sufism in practice.

Review – British World Policy and the Projection of Global Power, c.1830-1960

John W. Young • Nov 30 2020 • Features

This edited collection provides a diverse assessment of British power, both geographically and across time, serving as a fitting tribute to Keith Neilson’s memory.

Review – The Scientist and the Spy

Richard W. Coughlin • Nov 14 2020 • Features

Hvistendahl’s book charts the story of Robert Mo, the subject of an FBI investigation into industrial espionage, presenting a rich example of an everyday lived experience of the reality of international relations.

Review – Technology and Agency in International Relations

Bruno Maciel Santos • Oct 8 2020 • Features

This collection successfully bridges the gap between IR, Science and Technology Studies and New Materialism, highlighting topical examples and policy debates.

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