Review – Eichmann in Jerusalem

Joseph Royo • Nov 14 2013 • Features
One of the questions raised by Arendt about former Nazi officials during their trials- are they criminals or war combatants?- is relevant for discussions today about the use of drones.

Review – The Economics and Politics of High-Speed Rail

Kenneth Button • Nov 13 2013 • Features
Albalate and Bel provide a methodical overview of several major high-speed rail initiatives across the globe, however fail to deepen their analysis to consider the macroeconomic impacts of such infrastructure.

Review – Popular Protest in China

Kendrick Kuo • Nov 11 2013 • Features
Those who make the arduous trek through this at times dense book will be well-rewarded with a perspective that is careful not to paint with broad brushstrokes when discussing protests in China.

Review – Democracy in Retreat

Kenneth C Upsall • Nov 6 2013 • Features
Kulantzich carries the debate about foreign policy, intervention and self-determination to a new level by pressing readers think about how democracy is successfully advanced.

Review – Routledge Handbook on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Alaa Tartir • Oct 22 2013 • Features
In an attempt to address the polarization of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, this Handbook struggles to find a narrative for peace when power imbalances remain unchallenged at the root.

Review – International Security

Klaus Dodds • Oct 10 2013 • Features
Browning's book succeeds in conveying to both academic and general readers some of the core issues surrounding the term 'international security'.

Review – China’s Search for Security

Kendrick Kuo • Oct 10 2013 • Features
Comprehensive, persuasive, and empathetic, Nathan and Scobell offer a fresh look at what could easily be a stale litany of threats to China’s rise and a thorough treatment of China's security policies.

Review – Terrorism and the Politics of Social Change

Austin T. Turk • Oct 7 2013 • Features
Dingley's analysis of the origins of terrorism is somewhat undermined by his Durkheimian sociological approach, and his use of qualitative methodologies in place of sophisticated statistical research.

Review – Anatomy of a Bad Idea: COIN Best Practices

Harvey M. Sapolsky • Sep 24 2013 • Features
Nearly every question about how the U.S. Army came to be entangled in wars it knew better than to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan are answered by three excellent and complementary books.

Review – Routledge Handbook of Civil-Military Relations

Aurel Croissant • Sep 20 2013 • Features
The Handbook fills a lacuna in the civil-military relations literature by offering up-to-date empirical analyses of civil-military relations in a variety of regime types around the world.

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