Review – Conscience: A Very Short Introduction

James Wakefield • Apr 25 2013 • Features

Paul Strohm’s ‘Conscience’ is at once an accessible, thought-provoking and often entertaining introduction to a controversial topic – a tour from the historic origins of the term right through to the present day.

Review – Framing Sarah Palin

Diana B. Carlin • Apr 22 2013 • Features

Drawing on Palin’s rapid political ascent in 2008 and the partisan commentary that accompanied her rise, Framing Sarah Palin highlights the role of narratives in politics and the pitfalls of the self-created.

Review – From Stagnation to Forced Adjustment

Barry Bosworth • Apr 17 2013 • Features

This timely collection of broad-ranging essays examines the failure of efforts to reform the Greek economy prior to 2010, and lays important context to suggest that the future is not bright.

Review – Virtuous War

Thomas Messer • Apr 15 2013 • Features

The use of drones in the War on Terror has become a legal and ethical minefield. James Der Derian’s timely book adds to the debate by exploring the role technology can play in fighting ‘virtuous wars’ with fewer casualties.

Review – The Routledge Handbook of Religion and Security

Natalia Vlas • Apr 10 2013 • Features

In a context where global religious movements cannot be separated from issues of governance, politics, or security this book fills a serious lacuna in the field of security studies.

Review – European Multiculturalisms

Elise Rietveld • Apr 6 2013 • Features

Some political heavyweights have proclaimed that multiculturalism has failed. However, this edited collection argues that it remains the best way to conceptualise citizenship in Europe.

Review – The Crisis of the European Union

Anthony Szczurek • Apr 3 2013 • Features

The EU as a project from its very beginnings has been elite-driven. The project as laid out in Habermas’ book continues in the same vein, contrary to the author’s protestations.

Review – From Stagnation to Forced Adjustment

Jared A. Pincin • Mar 27 2013 • Features

The economic crisis in Greece and the financial bailouts it received sent shockwaves through the Eurozone and global markets. Could reforms have avoided the collapse? Why were they not successful?

Review – Energy Dependency and Corruption in the Former Soviet Union

Stephen Fortescue • Mar 25 2013 • Features

Margarita M. Balmaceda’s important book shows Ukraine’s struggle to free itself from Russia influence whilst highlighting that the benefits of energy dependency do not flow only to the hegemonic side.

Review – Intersections of Crime and Terror

Robert Bunker • Mar 25 2013 • Features

This edited collection draws on valuable case studies of criminal and terrorist activities of specific groups. Yet, its true value is via its theoretical contribution to emerging scholarship.

Review – The Crisis of the European Union

Jeremy Garlick • Mar 22 2013 • Features

Although Habermas’ pessimism concerning the European project is well-founded, his normative agendas of promoting world government and universal human rights fly in the face of reality.

Review – Sword and Salve

Jessica Gerken • Mar 20 2013 • Features

In this comprehensive study analyzing the interdependent dynamics between modern warfare and humanitarianism, the authors attempt to answer why humanitarianism is in a multi-level crisis.

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