Review – The NGO Factor in Africa

Sabine Hoehn • Aug 29 2013 • Features

Maurice Amutabi questions the role of NGOs in Africa and is critical of their existence. However, this review challenges his perspective to reveal contradictions with the arguments made.

Review – Militarism and International Relations

Anne de Jong • Aug 28 2013 • Features

Stavrianakis and Selby’s collection successfully incorporates many diverse perspectives on militarism which affirm their claim that a return of militarism to central IR debates is indeed needed.

Review – Great Games, Local Rules

Kendrick Kuo • Aug 28 2013 • Features

Cooley offers a broad perspective of competing and complementary interests that intersect in Central Asia, while simultaneously providing depth of analysis on the ground.

Review – New Public Diplomacy in the 21st Century

Sue Jansen • Aug 26 2013 • Features

Pamment offers a meticulous reassessment of public diplomacy, but he falls short in critically interrogating the broader structural issues that have shaped new public diplomacy.

Review – Poverty Reduction in a Changing Climate

Alex Stark • Aug 24 2013 • Features

While an essay collection on the climate-poverty nexus has the potential to fill a gap, problems with presentation and organization ultimately mean that Dulal’s volume does not live up to its potential.

Review – Volatile Social Movements

Joshua Kilberg • Aug 21 2013 • Features

While lacking in methodological justification, Rinehart’s systematic analysis of four terrorist organizations illustrates the role of charismatic leadership in pushing once peaceful groups to embrace violence.

Review – Changing Norms Through Actions

Mariana S. Mendes • Aug 15 2013 • Features

Ramos’ research is empirically rich and theoretically innovative, using social psychology to argue that the more costly an intervention is, the more contingent sovereignty becomes.

Review – The Routledge Handbook of European Security

Paul A. van Hooft • Aug 12 2013 • Features

Despite some problems, this volume systematically captures and delineates the complexity that makes up the structures and outcomes of European security institutions.

Review – Modernism and Totalitarianism

James Wakefield • Aug 7 2013 • Features

Shorten’s case for considering totalitarianism a modern phenomenon is scholarly in the best sense, providing an insightful overview of the evidence and drawing a qualified conclusion.

Review – Routledge Handbook of African Politics

Jörg Wiegratz • Aug 5 2013 • Features

The editors should be congratulated on recruiting such a calibre and range of expertise for their project and merging this knowledge and experience into a cohesive and accessible volume.

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