Review – Theorising Medieval Geopolitics

Andrew Linklater • Jun 27 2012 • Features
The medieval era is largely-neglected in IR. Latham's innovative study stimulates large questions about the relationship between the medieval and modern international orders.

Review – Global Warming Gridlock

Nick Chan • Jun 25 2012 • Features
Global Warming Gridlock has in its crosshairs the conventional wisdom that has straitjacketed both national and international efforts at dealing with climate change

Review – Justifying Ballistic Missile Defence

Bleddyn E. Bowen • Jun 24 2012 • Features
Columba Peoples considers why it is that successive US administrations have pursued missile defence and calls for a critical approach to understand the role of technology in security.

Review – Poor Economics

Alex Stark • Jun 19 2012 • Features
Written for a popular audience, the authors of Poor Economics seek to sweep aside the broad generalizations about global poverty that economic models tend to create.

Review — The Justice Cascade

Peter Brett • Jun 15 2012 • Features
For two decades now Kathyrn Sikkink has been a leading scholar of human rights in world politics. The Justice Cascade is perhaps her most ambitious work to date.

Review – How Institutions Evolve

Alvin Almendrala Camba • Jun 12 2012 • Features
Thelen uses institutional theory within a varieties of capitalism framework to explain the causes for variation in vocational training and skill formation amongst Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States.

Review – The Wars of Afghanistan

Martin J. Bayly • May 28 2012 • Features
Peter Tomsen has provided a comprehensive account of Afghanistan’s recent conflicts and illuminates aspects of this history in ways that only he could really achieve.

Review – The Future of Power

Luke M. Herrington • May 24 2012 • Features
Nye offers an intriguing analysis of the changing nature of power and how new geopolitical and economic trends will alter world politics in the coming years.

Review – Fragments of the Afghan Frontier

Mark Beautement • May 16 2012 • Features
Fragments of the Afghan Frontier combines painstaking anthropological field research with extensive historical analysis to assess Afghanistan’s frontier regions and people.

Review – Keeping a Sharp Eye

Daniel Conway • May 4 2012 • Features
Daniel Conway reviews Peter Vale’s intriguing and entertaining overview of cartoons focused on the last century of South Africa’s troubled international relations.

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