Student Features

Student Feature – Introduction to Diplomacy

Stephen McGlinchey • Jun 2 2017 • Student Features
Diplomacy is a process between actors (diplomats, usually representing a state) who exist within a system (international relations) and engage in private and public dialogue (diplomacy) to pursue their objectives in a peaceful manner.

Student Feature – Introduction to International Governmental Organisations

Shazelina Z. Abidin • Jun 2 2017 • Student Features
An international governmental organisation (IGO) is an organisation with a membership of only states. It is usually founded upon a treaty, or a multilateral agreement.

Student Feature – Middle Powers in International Relations

Allan Patience • May 8 2017 • Student Features
Middle power theorising can draw on a long and important intellectual history, emphasising the potential for states desiring middle power recognition to become good global citizens in a globalizing world.

Student Feature – Advice on Citing Smart

Paul Beaumont • Feb 10 2017 • Student Features
You cannot merely use diverse citation types to guarantee a grade, you need to see it as tool to help show that you are not merely reproducing knowledge, but transforming it.

Student Feature – Advice on Constructing Topic Sentences

Antony Martel • Feb 1 2017 • Student Features
Writing topic sentences that illuminate your idea is a core skill that helps you prioritize your information and make your prose clearer and more succinct.

Student Feature – Spotlight on the Peace Process in Colombia

Cécile Mouly • Jan 25 2017 • Student Features
E-IR’s spotlight series invites academics to reflect on significant events. This feature explores the quest for peace in Columbia between the government and guerrilla groups.

Student Feature – Advice on Reading Smart

Stephen McGlinchey • Dec 21 2016 • Student Features
Reading for scholarly purposes is not the same as reading for pleasure. You need to adopt an appropriate, and healthy, reading strategy.

Student Feature – Advice on Using Sources

Stephen McGlinchey • Dec 21 2016 • Student Features
Referencing sources is a core skill in academia. It is an important element of scholarly writing, and one that you should master for your own studies.

Student Feature – Spotlight on the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

Stephen McGlinchey • Aug 10 2016 • Student Features
Due to decades of diplomacy, non-proliferation is one of the norms underpinning our international system and we have come a long way from the dark days of 1945.

Student Feature – Advice on Writing an Essay

E-International Relations • Aug 10 2016 • Student Features
This guide is aimed at a beginner, typically a student embarking on their first year of university study. It may also be useful as a recap for more experienced students.

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