Student Features

Student Feature – The Challenges of Democracy and Democratization in Europe

Students of Goethe University Frankfurt • Jul 29 2014 • Student Features

Dr Sergiu Gherghina tasked his students to write blogs instead of essays in the hope that the task would embed new skills and perspectives.

Student Book Feature – IR Theory: A Critical Introduction

Victor Coutinho Lage • Jul 19 2014 • Student Features

By focusing on IR myths, & by using films to help understand theories, Weber’s textbook remains a major introduction to the perspectives associated with the study of IR.

Student Book Features: Anarchist Political Theory

James Wakefield • Oct 4 2013 • Features

The arguments against politics and for anarchy presented in these two recently re-issued books are problematic. Nonetheless they cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Student Book Features: Critical Approaches to Security

Rhys Crilley • Jun 28 2013 • Features

These two edited collections provide detailed accounts of critical methodologies and methods, and are a welcome addition to a sub field that is seemingly no longer at the margins.

Student Book Features: EU Studies

Stephen McGlinchey • May 17 2013 • Features

EU studies is a field with an immense range of student-facing textbooks available, and also an ever growing number of texts dedicated to sub-areas such as EU security.

Advice on Self-Funding a PhD

Stephen McGlinchey • May 8 2013 • Student Features

Self-funding a PhD is something that can be wrongly associated with being of ‘lesser’ academic quality. There are actually many advantages to self funding.

Student Book Features: Comparative Politics

Jonathan Kirkup • Jan 25 2013 • Features

Students embarking on a degree in IR will usually need to become familiar with the broader aspects of political science as an academic discipline. These books will help.

Student Book Features: American Politics

Stephen McGlinchey • Sep 26 2012 • Features

The organisation of the various organs of government in the US can seem impenetrable. The books featured here provide an accessible route into US politics and foreign policy.

Student Book Features: Four Ways into Political Philosophy

James Wakefield • Sep 11 2012 • Features

Buying a good textbook to help navigate any subject is essential. Each of the texts discussed here brings students to the discipline via a different route.

Student Book Features: Human Rights and International Law

Peter Brett • Jun 21 2012 • Features

The realist view of law and human rights is rapidly going out of fashion. In its place liberal, constructivist and critical theories have come to the fore.

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