E-IR Foundations: Open Access Books for Beginners

E-IR Foundations are a series of textbooks that are designed to introduce complicated issues in a practical and accessible way. Each book will cover a different area connected to International Relations. Our mission is not to produce lengthy textbooks that replace perfectly good ones already out there with major publishers. Instead we seek textbooks that complement works already published, and in doing so speak directly to readers in an engaging and accessible way that fits the open access model we embrace.


Each book will be available to buy in stores worldwide – from Amazon right down to local booksellers – and be priced affordably. However, uniquely for textbooks, each book will be freely accessible on a students portal on E-International Relations and also be freely downloadable in an ebook format. So, readers can have each book at their fingertips and on all their devices without any restrictions or hassle. E-IR is developing our Foundations series as part of our mission to provide the best source of freely available scholarly materials for students of International Relations. Book can also have expansive online areas of additional content curated and created just for that book. Unlike other open access publishers, we cover all the costs of production, editing and hosting of our books – as a result we are unable to offer royalties/honorariums to authors or editors.


Typically, textbook publishing is designed to appeal to professors/lecturers and, therefore, the books (even introductory books) aren’t designed specifically as an aid to the student, so much as designed as an aid to the instructor to ‘cover the bases’ for use in the classroom. Our books are focused on the needs of the student. Each book is designed to take readers from no prior knowledge to competency, offering readers a fresh perspective, designed with them in mind.


Each book will be broken down into self-contained chapters, written by established or up and coming experts, that will unpack the issue at hand via an engaging narrative. Each chapter will avoid too much jargon or excessive referencing in order to directly and effectively communicate the issues to the beginner, while still keeping academic conventions. Any and all terms that are necessary for inclusion (because they are foundational concepts) will be defined within the text and explained carefully.


We are open to enquiries from scholars who wish to suggest a new title to add to the E-IR Foundations series. If you would like to make such a suggestion, and perhaps edit the volume, we have no specific format we would like to receive your proposal in, but emailing us at info@e-ir.info with your idea and attaching a CV would be a good start. Then, we will discuss further with you.

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