Student Essay Award

Would you like to get your best paper published on E-International Relations and win £100 of books?

The E-IR Student Essay Award award aims to reward undergraduate and Masters students who share their best essays and dissertations for the benefit of their global peer group. In addition to publication on the website, winning essays are awarded £100 in book tokens from Routledge. How it works: Our team reviews all entries and selects shortlist candidates based on those that 1) meet the entry criteria and 2) impress us enough to want to publish them. We then publish the shortlist candidates. Finally, we award one winner each calendar month from those published. Whether you win the award or not, publication on E-IR is a great achievement and something you should be proud of.

Note: We only accept essays or dissertations written by a single author that have been previously assessed as part of a university degree scheme. We do not accept presentations, group-authored work, reports, or formative work. We expect that you will have addressed any issues/fixes pointed out by your lecturer/professor in your feedback before submitting.

Entry criteria

•  Submissions must be assessed and awarded at First Class / ‘A’ grade / Distinction level (or equivalent).
•  Submissions must be between 1500 and 10,000 words, excluding references. Longer pieces should be reshaped to fit.
•  English language/grammar must be of a high standard and carefully proofed to remove structural errors and typos.
•  Referencing must be to academic standards with a full bibliographic reference for each source used (any format is fine).
•  You can make only one entry at a time. When we respond, you are then welcome to try again with a different essay.
•  Submissions must not be under consideration with other publishers, and must not be already published elsewhere.
•  You must reformat your script and present it as follows:

–  Shape a catchy title that clearly describes the content. It must be 80 characters or less and in Title Case.
–  Bold-set and left align all headings. Italicise any subheadings. Remove any heading scripts / custom formatting.
–  If you have used chapters in addition to headings, mark these out clearly in capitals, e.g. CHAPTER ONE.
–  Do not indent the first sentences of paragraphs. Leave one clear line of space between each paragraph.
–  Place all quotations in standard quotation marks and indent longer quotes. Do not italicise any quotations.
–  Your essay should not start with an indented / separate quote at the top. Please remove these if applicable.
–  You must remove all padding such as contents pages, declarations, abstracts, custom templates, cover pages, etc.
–  Any reproduced images in your essay that originate from sources that are subject to copyright must be removed.

You should also know

•  There are no charges, or any hidden costs, for any aspect of entering the award.
•  Our Publishing Agreement is available here. The basics are that copyright remains with you, the author.
•  Entering gives your consent for publication. If published, your work cannot be ‘unpublished’ or removed at a later date.

► When ready, upload your submission here. If successful, you will see a notification on screen confirming receipt. Please note, you will not get an email receipt.

We email every author with our final decision within 8 weeks of entry. We need this time to make sure we read your work carefully. So, please be patient. If we have not replied to you within 8 weeks, please chase us up at

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