Al Qaeda

Is the War on Terror Over?

Mark Juergensmeyer • Mar 7 2012 • Articles

Young Muslim activists have received a new standard for challenging the old order, and a new form of protest, one that discredits terrorism as the easy and ineffective path.

Grinding Terrorist Networks Down in 2012

Raffaello Pantucci • Feb 26 2012 • Articles

The nature of the terror threat is shifting and the question that has not been properly answered is whether we are seeing a threat that is finally in decline or continues to ascend.

Al Qaeda in 2012

Lee Jarvis • Feb 18 2012 • Articles

Al Qaeda no longer poses a serious international threat, due to key developments in the strategic, political and public realms after 9/11 which have severely limited its capacity to conduct international terrorism.

Terrorism Outlook for 2012

Rohan Gunaratna • Jan 30 2012 • Articles

The global terrorist threat is diversifying. After embracing al Qaeda tactics and ideology, more local groups seek to emulate al Qaeda. Groups are planning domestic and international operations to cause mass casualties.

Memogate Reveals Pakistan’s Hand

Mickey Kupecz • Nov 30 2011 • Articles

Memogate reveals that Pakistan’s politics is as dysfunctional as ever. American policymakers and pundits have become so vehement about Pakistan’s failure to cooperate on counterterrorism that more pressing problems in the country have been overlooked.

Is al Qaeda on the Wrong Side of History?

Rohan Gunaratna • Nov 15 2011 • Articles

The Arab Spring’s impact on the Global Jihad Movement is ironic. Al Qaeda, its associated groups and home-grown cells are no longer the agents of change. In the eyes of the people, this most powerful grouping of violent entities remains marginalized.

Review – Counterstrike

Zachary Keck • Sep 12 2011 • Features

Can al-Qaeda and like-minded terrorist groups be deterred? The Bush and Obama administrations both eventually concluded that they can be, according to a new book based on first hand accounts by Eric Schmitt and Thom Shanker.

Politicizing Famine Relief in the Horn of Africa Will Cost Lives

Laura Hammond • Jul 27 2011 • Articles

Humanitarian assistance is supposed to be provided impartially, on the basis of need and without concern for the politics of who is right. Civilians should not be punished for the sake of making political points or achieving a military victory. What is needed now is a singular focus in getting the access and supplies needed to prevent mass starvation. Politics can wait.

Al-Qaeda: Alive and Qicking

Kirthi Jayakumar • Jul 7 2011 • Articles

Al-Qaeda is knocked down for now, and may be grovelling in the dust for the present, relying on the deployment of children as suicide bombers. But there’s no room to dismiss the existence of the drive to pursue the campaign of jihad altogether, because the thirst to pursue a hegemonic campaign of jihad is nowhere near its end.

Religion and War in the Past and Future

Michael Horowitz • Dec 22 2008 • Articles

The recent attacks in India suggest that the specter of religiously-motivated violence is not just back on the global agenda, but will be part of international affairs for years to come. Given what appears to be a jump in religiously-motivated violence over the last several years, what can we learn from past instances of religiously-motivated warfare to help us understand the present and future?

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