Al Shabaab

Interview – Tom Watts

E-International Relations • Jun 6 2019 • Features

Tom Watts discusses his research on security cooperation as an instrument of remote warfare, Obama’s counterterrorism policies and life as an early-career scholar.

Review – Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in Africa

Stephen A. Emerson • Feb 18 2016 • Features

A valuable title that dissects and analyzes the complex phenomenon that is African terrorism and explains how certain state responses have been counter-productive.

Neither Desperate Nor Stronger: The Adaptation of Al Shabaab

David H. Shinn • Jul 3 2015 • Articles

Despite international pressure, Al Shabaab has done a good job of avoiding defeat and adapting to new challenges throughout East Africa.

Al-Shabaab in the Aftermath of the Attack on Nairobi’s Westgate Mall

David H. Shinn • Oct 10 2013 • Articles

Al-Shabaab’s attack on Westgate Mall attracted global attention. However, it is unlikely to be of military or strategic benefit to the organization and it is not the way to win Somali support.

Somalia: Security, AMISOM, Governance, Al-Shabaab and the Future

David H. Shinn • Sep 26 2012 • Articles

This is not the time for the international community to try to control Somalia. Rather, it is time for the Somali government to step up and do what good governments are expected to do.

Getting Somalia Wrong

Mary Harper • May 9 2012 • Articles

By presenting Somalia as the world’s worst country, elements of the media are not only doing Somalia a disservice, they are blinding the world to the opportunities the country has to offer.

International Efforts to Counter Al-Shabaab

David H. Shinn • Feb 20 2012 • Articles

While foreign forces in Somalia that oppose al-Shabaab can help degrade its capacity, they cannot defeat al-Shabaab any more than al-Shabaab and its foreign jihadis can defeat the forces aligned against them.

The Challenge of Al-Shabaab

Macharia Munene • Feb 17 2012 • Articles

Al-Shabaab is now seen by many as a clear and present danger. It is a growing, not a declining, threat across the globe.

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