Interview – Judith Suissa

E-International Relations • Sep 1 2019 • Features
Prof. Judith Suissa talks about philosophy of education, as well as the intersections between politics, parent-child relationships, classical anarchism and globalisation.

From Standing Rock to Resistance in Context: Towards Anarchism against Settler Colonialism

Adam Lewis • Feb 1 2017 • Articles
Anarchists need to engage with Indigenous peoples and communities who are already resisting capitalism, colonialism and the state in their areas.

Review – The Politics of Evasion

David Castillo • Aug 24 2016 • Features
A well-rounded, complex discussion that deconstructs many aspects of modern life in an accessible way, leaving the reader with more questions than answers.

Interview – Noam Chomsky

E-International Relations • Jun 19 2016 • Features
Noam Chomsky discusses his new documentary Requiem for the American Dream, the basis of support for Sanders and Trump, and the potential to overcome inequality.

The Virtues of Anarchism

Christian Pfenninger • Oct 26 2015 • Articles
IR needs to pay attention to philosophical anarchism; IR has been paying attention to anarchy, but has failed to incorporate anarchism into its conceptual repertoire.

Anarchism and Non-Representational Theory in the Social Sciences

Tom Smith • Aug 7 2015 • Articles
While the British cybernetics movement remained marginalized, anarchism can be viewed with more relevance in a post-representational social scientific milieu.

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