Interview – Carne Ross

E-International Relations • Nov 24 2016 • Features

Independent diplomat Carne Ross talks about the surprising influence of non-state actors, power politics and anarchy, as well as the poverty of academic IR.

How Movie References Can Make Teaching Theories More Accessible

Lukas K. Danner • May 24 2016 • Articles

The different time periods in the trilogy ‘Back to the Future’ have been valuable for bringing concepts in courses such as IPE and IR Theory to life.

The Virtues of Anarchism

Christian Pfenninger • Oct 26 2015 • Articles

IR needs to pay attention to philosophical anarchism; IR has been paying attention to anarchy, but has failed to incorporate anarchism into its conceptual repertoire.

Review – The Impossible Community: Realizing Communitarian Anarchism

Benjamin Franks • Jul 23 2014 • Features

Clark successfully employs a neo-Hegelian framework to examine the benefits of anarchism’s alternative participatory, anti-hierarchical forms of organisation.

World Society and English School Methods

Cornelia Navari • May 1 2013 • Articles

The English School in IR theory is generally associated with the notion of international society, which suggests that there is much institutionalization of shared values, mutual understandings, and common interests.

A Critical Introduction to the ‘Legalisation of World Politics’

Peter Brett • Mar 8 2012 • Articles

Contrary to realist expectations, states have frequently engaged in institutionalised co-operation even under conditions of anarchy.

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