Edited Collection – Environment, Climate Change and International Relations

E-International Relations • Apr 24 2016 • Features

In the wake of the 2015 Paris conference, this edited collection explores the environment as an issue of international governance and provides perspectives on the route forward.

Climate Change and International Relations

Gustavo Sosa-Nunez and Ed Atkins • Apr 11 2016 • Articles

Climate change is a global commons problem. Its causes and impacts are distributed and felt across the international system, transcending traditional boundaries and jurisdictions of nation-states.

Interview – John R. McNeill

E-International Relations • Oct 27 2015 • Features

McNeill offers us the view that human history is a subset of ecological history and IR scholars will do well to explore the opportunities offered by historical lessons.

Interview – Emilian Kavalski

E-International Relations • Jun 20 2015 • Features

Emilian Kavalski reflects on his approach to climate change, propounds the relevancy of ‘complexity thinking’ to IR, and discusses the current “power shift to the East”.

International Security in the Anthropocene

Simon Dalby • Feb 23 2015 • Articles

Climate change is a production issue, not a matter of environmental protection. Recognizing that the world is changing rapidly is the key to successful social adaptation.

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