Arab-Israeli Conflict

Opinion – The Complexities of Establishing Who Killed Shireen Abu Aqla

Alexander Loengarov • May 17 2022 • Articles

Even if an investigation took place, the mainstream Israeli and Palestinian standpoints in the overall conflict seem light-years apart from each other.

Opinion – The Silencing of Amnesty International’s Report on Israeli Apartheid

Jeff Handmaker • Feb 18 2022 • Articles

Racism in Israel is multi-layered and arguably not unique in comparison with other countries. However, in the context of an institutionalized regime of legal apartheid, its impact on Palestinians is devastating.

Assessing One-State and Two-State Proposals to Solve the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Jeremy Pressman • Jun 27 2021 • Articles

On four criteria for comparing the two options, a two-state solution probably fares better, but neither option looks especially promising or easier to achieve.

Interview – Jeremy Pressman

E-International Relations • Nov 13 2020 • Features

Jeremy Pressman discusses protest in the US and the impact of the pandemic, the counterproductive use of military force in the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Abraham Accords.

Opinion – Confronting Israel’s Annexation Plans: From Fear to Hope

Mohammed Abu-Nimer • Aug 13 2020 • Articles

The South African example of transformation from the Apartheid system taught us that we cannot give up on the hope that both Israelis and Palestinians can live in dignity and security.

Israel and the Arab Gulf: An Israeli-Saudi Alliance in the Making?

Martin Beck • Nov 8 2019 • Articles

A strategic alliance between the Gulf States and Israel would be a first major step toward Israel’s transformation into the leading Middle Eastern regional power.

Dangerous Gaming: Cyber-Attacks, Air-Strikes and Twitter

Andrew Dwyer and Jantje Silomon • Sep 23 2019 • Articles

By using gamified logics, the Israel Defense Forces in a tweet positioned air-strikes on a plane similar to cyber-attacks, transforming Hamas into inhuman targets.

Israel: A Democratic State?

Martin Beck • Aug 25 2019 • Articles

When applying a thin concept of democracy in the spirit of Robert Dahl, strong arguments point into the direction that Israel does not constitute a democratic polity.

Revisiting Palestine’s Membership at the UN and Evolving Implications

Yaser Alashqar • Mar 1 2019 • Articles

Palestine’s admission as a non-member observer State at the UN has presented evolving implications and promising possibilities for Palestine’s quest for recognition

Non-State Power: The Case of Hamas

Glen Segell • Feb 18 2019 • Articles

Non-state actors that prioritize control and censorship over openness, would be deficient in soft power projection and success. So they would fall to using sharp power.

The Imponderables of Middle Eastern Diplomacy

Stephen Chan • Nov 12 2017 • Articles

Unlike almost every other conflict, where borders have been inscribed in earlier agreements, those between Israel and Palestine have changed dramatically – with each change shrinking Palestine.

High Stakes for Palestinians: Israel as ‘the State of the Jewish People’?

Farid Abdel-Nour • Oct 24 2017 • Articles

The recent moves to assert the Jewish identity of the state of Israel, undermine hope for a future resolution of the conflict on the symbolic level as well.

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