Arab League

Online Resources – The Arab League

E-International Relations • Apr 22 2018 • Online resources
A brief introduction to the Arab League, also known as the League of Arab States, with links and media to further explore.

Interview – Louise Fawcett

E-International Relations • Jun 9 2016 • Features
Louise Fawcett discusses the resurgence of regionalism, the long-term effects of the Iraq War, and elaborates on why Iran should be considered an aspiring regional power.

Upgrading the Arab League by Establishing a Joint Military Force?

Martin Beck • May 22 2015 • Articles
It cannot be excluded that the initiative to build a Arab military force will share the fate of previous launches: a big announcement followed by a rather low performance

Joint Military Force for the Arab League: Feasible or Not?

Rhea Abraham • Mar 29 2015 • Articles
With tensions rising in the region, the League requires a systematic approach to address security issues in terms of crisis prevention rather than merely crisis managing.

Syria and the Dawn of a New Era

Aidan Hehir • Feb 23 2014 • Articles
The Syrian crisis marks the beginning of a new era of multi-polarity; one which will be characterised by the spectacle of divisive and competitive power politics.

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