Arab Spring

Edited Collection – Caliphates and Islamic Global Politics

E-International Relations • Dec 11 2014 • Features

This collection addresses common questions about Political Islam and provides an assessment of ISIS/ISIL in order to challenge common understandings of Islam and democracy.

Islamic State, the Arab Spring, and the Disenchantment with Political Islam

Maximilian Lakitsch • Sep 12 2014 • Articles

Political Islam’s national and regional foundations have already been eroded. In the long term, its parties will likely become just one political party among others.

Egypt’s Failed Transition to Democracy: Was Political Culture a Major Factor?

Abdeslam Maghraoui • Apr 29 2014 • Articles

Why did Egypt miss the chance to build democratic governance? What does the astonishing popularity of another military strongman tell us about Egyptian politics?

Can a Federal State Solve Yemen’s Problems?

Charles Schmitz • Mar 13 2014 • Articles

Yemen’s version of federalism appears aimed at taming the aspirations of the southern movement and Ansar Allah in the north rather than incorporating them into politics.

What is Political Islam?

Muqtedar Khan • Mar 10 2014 • Articles

Regardless of the success or failure of political Islam, Muslims will seek to politicize Islam in search for cultural independence and authenticity in social structures.

Revisiting ‘Responsibility to Protect’ after Libya and Syria

Mohammed Nuruzzaman • Mar 8 2014 • Articles

R2P contains glaring theoretical drawbacks and its practice by Western powers creates the scope for a mix up of humanitarian concerns with their strategic interests.

The Constitutional Process in Egypt and Tunisia

Lise Storm • Mar 8 2014 • Articles

Tunisia has faced a genuine regime change, while Egypt has merely witnessed a series of rotations of authoritarian leaders badly masking themselves as democrats.

Federalism as Peace-Building: Searching for Solutions to the Conflict in Yemen

Alexandra Lewis • Mar 5 2014 • Articles

In its current form, it is difficult to read federalism as a long-term peace-building solution in the midst of Yemen’s on-going conflicts and insecurity.

Review – The Syria Dilemma

Eyal Zisser • Feb 25 2014 • Features

This edited collection reflects the myriad contrasting positions on Syria held by Western experts, both for and against potential intervention, and for and against the rebels.

Review – Democracy in Retreat

Kenneth C Upsall • Nov 6 2013 • Features

Kulantzich carries the debate about foreign policy, intervention and self-determination to a new level by pressing readers think about how democracy is successfully advanced.

Feminism and the Post-‘Arab Spring’

Bronwyn Winter • Oct 21 2013 • Articles

The transformation heralded by the 2011 uprisings still remains a very long way off. Replacement of one type of authoritarian state by another is very far from a feminist revolution.

Review – After the Sheikhs

Kenneth C Upsall • Sep 18 2013 • Features

Davidson’s analysis falls short of the book subtitle’s stated purpose, as he fails to present any kind of hypothesis or scenario for the collapse of Persian Gulf Monarchies.

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