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Image by Chad J. McNeeley (US Navy)

New Century, Old Rivalries: Russian Military Modernisation and NATO

With both NATO and Russia endeavouring to increase and improve their military capabilities against the other, a new arms race is on the cards.

Review – East, West, North, South: International Relations since 1945

Review – East, West, North, South: International Relations since 1945

This edition enlightens the reader to new facts and interpretations, although limited in their scope, about the events post-1945 and particularly those after 1986.

The Rise of China

The Rise of China

States still matter, power still triumphs, and competition still thrives. These will be the determining factors for the future of Sino-U.S. relations. Realists believe that if China can maintain its domestic economic growth and international financial strength, then a significant security competition with America is inevitable.

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