Technologies of Truth and the LGBTI+ Asylum Reality

Ricardo Prata Filho • Dec 8 2020 • Articles

The truths that science seek should be viewed with caution by those who implement the rules and have the power to apply their effects to the harsh reality of LGBTI+ people around the world.

Legal Representation for Asylum-Seekers and Refugees: Much Needed yet Sparse

Caroline Nalule • Jun 5 2020 • Articles

In times of emergency when states restrict individual rights and freedoms, the marginalised, vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society will be most hard-hit.

Jus Post Bellum and Responsibilities to Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Laura E. Alexander and Kristopher Norris • Feb 6 2020 • Articles

Pope Francis draws on jus post bellum to demand that states who intervene militarily in the affairs of others, take responsibility for those displaced by intervention.

The US Family Separation Crisis and the Gendered Violence of Deterrence

Meghana Nayak • Oct 27 2018 • Articles

At this critical moment, there is need for comprehensive research to examine and challenge the racialized and gendered violence of migration deterrence.

Interview – William Maley

E-International Relations • Aug 23 2018 • Features

Prof. William Maley discusses responses to the refugee crisis, the effect of the state system on the crisis, Afghanistan’s future and his advice to young scholars.

Australia’s Asylum Politics: Localised, Globalised

Linda Briskman • Jul 26 2017 • Articles

If indeed global export might be a reality, human rights activists can adopt similar approaches to nation-states by working in solidarity to generate policy alternatives.

The Future of Offshore Processing

Nikolas Feith Tan • Jul 25 2017 • Articles

The future of the Australian offshore processing model in the Pacific is unclear. The pressing question is the future of those who require international protection.

Review – Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move

Umut Ozguc • Jun 20 2017 • Features

An engaging book that doesn’t retreat into narrow theoretical discussions, and whose engaging narrative is enriched with fieldwork observations and real-life stories.

The Connecting Issue of Asylum Seekers and Irregular Migrants in Southeast Asia

Atin Prabandari and Dedi Dinarto • Aug 11 2016 • Articles

Abandoned by neighbors, 30,000 Rohingya and Bangladeshi asylum seekers were left stranded in the Andaman Sea and Malacca Strait in 2015: their protection is essential

Implications of the Securitisation of Migration

Elisabeth Farny • Jan 29 2016 • Essays

The securitization of migration reinforces a politics of fear and racism.

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