Review Article – The BRICs and International Relations

Ray Kiely • Nov 21 2015 • Features
These two academically rigorous books serve as valuable guides to the relations among BRICs and provide engaging analyses on their impact on international order.

Review – Neoliberal Hegemony and the Pink Tide in Latin America

Laurence Goodchild • Aug 4 2015 • Features
Rooted in a stimulating neo-Gramscian framework, Chodor's analysis eschews generalizations and puts forward a compelling case for how the pink tide should be understood.

Review – Land and Freedom

John Gledhill • Jul 30 2015 • Features
An excellent piece of comparative scholarship that pulls no critical punches when it comes to addressing the contradictions which underlie these rural movements.

Dilma’s Brazil

Louis W. Goodman • Nov 13 2014 • Articles
Serious measures will have to be put in place if Brazil is to sustain its competitiveness and continue to be one of the engines of economic growth for the global economy.

The BRICS’ Economic Institutions and International Politics

Fabiano Mielniczuk • Aug 18 2014 • Articles
The new institutions of the BRICS signal a new reality in international politics that corresponds to the unique multipolar moment of power and ideas.

Does the Brazilian Response to HIV/AIDS Deserve a World Wide Applause?

Janine Ewen • Jan 23 2014 • Articles
The eyes of the world are on Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, but are we missing something and should the government's treatment of sex workers give us cause for concern?

“I’m Mad as Hell…”: Brazilian Protests in Comparative Perspective

Peter Kingstone • Aug 6 2013 • Articles
The ‘Vinegar Revolution’ is an expression of rage against power, corruption, and unfairness that lacks specific form or targets and ultimately is likely to fail to produce any change.

Review – Brazilian Foreign Policy in Changing Times

Kurt Weyland • Jul 24 2013 • Features
In examining 25 years of Brazil's foreign policy, Vigevani and Cepaluni skillfully employ lessons from the past to inform the course the state must take to outgrow, outcompete, and eventually overtake the U.S.

Global Corruption, Global Protests: The Odds of Success Against the System

Laurence Cockcroft • Jul 22 2013 • Articles
Global mass public protests are a milestone in the ‘war on corruption’. However, they face entrenched networks of interests, which need to recognise that reform is key to their personal survival.

Latin America’s International Projection: Trends and Trajectories for 2012

Gian Luca Gardini • Mar 29 2012 • Articles
Three trends are likely to characterise the global projection of Latin America in 2012: the rise of Brazil; the mushrooming of projects supposedly aimed at promoting Latin American unity; and summitry with the US, the EU, and China.

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