Opinion – Taiwan Could Be to China What Canada Is to the US

Kristian McGuire • Mar 11 2020 • Articles

If Beijing were willing to learn from the American example, it could pave the way to a relationship with Taiwan comparable to that of the US with Canada.

The Doctrine of Residual Power in Canadian Diplomacy

Bruce Mabley • Jun 4 2019 • Articles

There is an epistemological break between diplomacy and public service. Canadian diplomats who undertook ‘rogue’ actions can find the moral high ground in this break.

Decolonizing Borders

Liam Midzain-Gobin • Jan 12 2019 • Articles

Borders are effective at constructing an ‘us’ on the inside, which is bound together through a collective narrative to the exclusion of ‘them’ outside.

Online Resources – The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

E-International Relations • May 12 2018 • Online resources

A brief introduction to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), with links and media to further explore.

The First Trudeau Era and Canadian-American Relations Today

Christo Aivalis • Sep 20 2017 • Articles

While both Justin and Pierre Trudeau have sought ways to ensure Canada’s flexibility beyond the USA’s influence, for both, the special relationship must endure.

Revisiting Responsibility in International Relations: Canadian Foreign Policy

Caroline Dunton • Sep 18 2017 • Articles

In the last decade, IR research on responsibility has dwindled. Given this, we must revisit responsibility to understand how states engage with and deliver on the term.

The Colonial Politics of Recognition in Trudeau’s Relationship with Indigenous Nations

Devin Zane Shaw and Veldon Coburn • Sep 7 2017 • Articles

Trudeau recognizes Indigenous peoples not as territorial-based nations, but as historically oppressed cultural groups requiring state protection.

International Relations of ‘A Tribe Called Red’

Ajay Parasram • Jul 25 2017 • Articles

Turtle Island–based electric-pow-wow superstars, A Tribe Called Red, allows students and scholars of IR to experience what a decolonial IR might look and sound like.

Colonial Animality: Canadian Colonialism and the Human-Animal Relationship

Azeezah Kanji • Jul 3 2017 • Articles

De-anthropocentricizing ventures that do not decolonize are perilous, for neither non-human nor human colonial subjects can be ‘recognized’ into liberation.

Multiculturalism at the Crossroads: Learning Beyond the West

Marc Woons • Jun 27 2017 • Articles

The goal of multiculturism is to improve on peace, tolerance, and respect across differences whether small or great no matter where one begins or where one is going.

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