For Putin, Confrontation with the West Is About More than Just Geopolitics

Björn Alexander Düben • Sep 13 2018 • Articles

The confrontation with the West and the cultivation of a siege mentality at home has been the most effective means left at Putin’s disposal for consolidating his power.

Sounds of War: ‘Lie’

Susanna Hast • Apr 6 2018 • Articles

Musistance is a human revolution, subverting hegemonic and violent practices. It is a politics of love and compassion that emerged from encounters with the heaven of life amidst the hell of war in Chechnya.

Sounds of War: ‘Lonely Night’

Susanna Hast • Apr 1 2018 • Articles

Love is a fascinating subject not only because it is not the obvious choice for a study on war, but also because it is so common and strange at the same time.

Sounds of War: ‘Fifteen Thousand’

Susanna Hast • Apr 1 2018 • Articles

The way to find out how war is lived by children is to look into the everyday rather than be satisfied with generalisations and statistics.

Sounds of War: ‘Alia’

Susanna Hast • Mar 18 2018 • Articles

Dance is deeply political, impacting the sensual experience. It is a corporeal protest, a striving for freedom and a personal tool for feeling stronger.

Sounds of War: ‘Pit’

Susanna Hast • Mar 15 2018 • Articles

The Chechen surgeon Khassan Baievs’ politics of compassion refuses to take sides when caring for those in need; it is resistance against the dehumanising practices of war.

Sounds of War: Condemned to Hope

Susanna Hast • Mar 15 2018 • Articles

Constantly on guard, Chechens have fought invasions and tried to preserve their community throughout their history – even before their encounters with Russia.

Sounds of War: ‘Deaf’

Susanna Hast • Mar 4 2018 • Articles

We perceive and sense our body emoting, and others’ bodies emoting. Text, film and music all act upon the spectator’s body. Sharing stories of compassion is the politics of compassion.

Open Access Book – Sounds of War: Aesthetics, Emotions and Chechnya

Susanna Hast • Mar 4 2018 • Features

Sounds of War, by Susanna Hast, is a book on the aesthetics of war experience in Chechnya. It includes theory on, and stories of, compassion, dance, children’s agency and love. And, it is accompanied by a musical soundtrack.

Is Russia a Strong State? The Complex Relationship with the Chechen Leadership

Alexander Tabachnik • Nov 29 2017 • Articles

The mass protests by Muslims in Moscow in September 2017 have demonstrated the increasing complexity of the relationship between Moscow and the Chechen leadership.

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