Chemical weapons

The Nuclear Weapons Anachronism: A Historical Perspective

Fabian Wolke • Nov 26 2017 • Essays

With the existence of international norms on the prohibition of other WMD, why has one not emerged for nuclear weapons?

Five Up / Five Down – Syrian Missile Strike, Part 2

Matthew Murray • Apr 18 2017 • Articles

Tweets Matter. If Trump creates a perception of reality through informational sources that are not rigorous or complete, his positions will be deficient.

Syria and the Future of the Chemical Weapon Taboo

Brett Edwards and Mattia Cacciatori • Mar 21 2016 • Articles

Events in Syria have further stigmatized chemical weapons, yet does not support the claim that the global norm against chemical weapons is strengthening.

Gateways to Peace in Syria: Going Beyond Geneva II

Hilal Khashan • Feb 18 2014 • Articles

When negotiations between the US, Russia and Iran grow best in the dark, as they are bound to, Assad will realise that he is an expendable pawn in the game of nations.

Beyond Chemical Weapons Control: Securing a Ceasefire and Broadening the Diplomatic Agenda on Syria

Robert Mason • Sep 20 2013 • Articles

With diplomatic relations improving between the US and Russia, it is time to consider diplomacy-driven measures to achieve a UN Security Council Resolution that establishes a durable Syrian peace process.

Chemical Weapons, the Red Line and Beyond: Evidence and Intransigence over Syria

Ciaran Gillespie • Aug 30 2013 • Articles

Many argue international intervention in Syria is now a foregone conclusion but what purpose would this serve and what effect would it have on the conflict and civilians on the ground?

Does Chemical Weapons Use by the Syrian Government Present a Watershed?

Sophia Hoffmann • May 31 2013 • Articles

The way we think and feel about particular kinds of weapons is significantly influenced by the way they are talked about and acted upon by the powerful.

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