Clash of Civilizations

Samuel Huntington and the American Way of War

Erik Ringmar • Jun 27 2020 • Articles
Huntington’s thesis has aided and abetted liberals with access to firearms; presenting them with suggestions, imperatives and hopes. As such his argument is a classic self-fulfilling prophecy.

Civilizations, Political Systems and Power Politics: A Critique of Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’

Anna Khakee • May 4 2018 • Articles
What we are seeing along the most conflictual of the civilizational fault lines is not so much a civilizational conflict as a conflict over alternative political systems.

Why (Clash of) Civilizations Discourses Just Won’t Go Away? Understanding the Civilizational Politics of Our Times

Gregorio Bettiza and Fabio Petito • May 1 2018 • Articles
Identity politics has opened up the space for civilizations to reassert themselves as crucial discursive vectors of contemporary antagonisms.

Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’ Today: Responses and Developments

Jeffrey Haynes • May 1 2018 • Articles
The UN and moderate Muslims have stressed that interreligious and intercultural dialogue is the way forward. But, will politicians act accordingly?

Civilizational Perspectives in International Relations and Contemporary China-India Relations

Ravi Dutt Bajpai • Apr 26 2018 • Articles
India and China both seem to be simultaneously moving upward on relative power trajectories while sustaining a rivalry which will further magnify.

Tracing Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations Thesis in the Alternative for Germany

Jan Lüdert • Apr 25 2018 • Articles
The question becomes not whether Islam is a threat to stability but whether radicalization within diverse cultures is at the heart of whipping up the very conflict they seek to end.

The ‘Clash of Civilizations’ in International Law

Wouter Werner • Apr 25 2018 • Articles
International law remains an under-researched topic in the literature on Huntington’s ‘clash of civilizations’. This is remarkable since international law itself was born out of such a clash.

The (New) ‘Clash of Civilizations’: Migration and Terrorism

Ana Isabel Xavier • Apr 24 2018 • Articles
Dangerous ties are being nourished in Europe while we witness the growth of populist movements against refugees and migrants claiming a connection between Islam and terrorism.

Huntington vs. Mearsheimer vs. Fukuyama: Which Post-Cold War Thesis is Most Accurate?

Glen M.E. Duerr • Apr 22 2018 • Articles
Scholars cannot discount Huntington because core parts of his arguments still remain relevant to the narratives of today even if he is incorrect in some places.

The Kin-Country Thesis Revisited

Kim Richard Nossal • Apr 22 2018 • Articles
Huntington was right to call attention to kin-countries. But the idea of kin-country can only be made useful if it is stripped of its ‘clash of civilizations’ baggage.

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