The Whispering Prussian: Clausewitz and Modern Wars

Muhammad Alaraby • Oct 21 2020 • Articles

Clausewitz forged the most provocative framework of thinking about war as a human affair of passion, unpredictability and reason.

Was Clausewitz a Realist? If So, What Kind?

Michael Creswell • Apr 17 2019 • Articles

Clausewitz wrote about war and not how the international system operated. Transposed into the discipline of IR, his thinking is most in line with Neoclassical Realism.

Is Humanitarian Aid Politicized?

Izabela Pereira Watts • Apr 13 2017 • Articles

Humanitarian aid is a political act. Yet, beyond politics and policies, humanitarian aid struggles to reflect the principles and practices underpinning good governance.

Review – Economy of Force

Jan Tattenberg • Sep 3 2016 • Features

Owens has created the space for a truly critical intervention in our understanding of war, helping us to move from a ‘critical war studies’ to a ‘critique of war’.

Review – Clausewitz on Small War

Simon Taylor • Mar 12 2016 • Features

A welcome addition to the growing recent scholarship on Clausewitz which will add depth to theoretical and analytical approaches to war and strategic studies.

Review – Clausewitz as Creative Director

Thomas Waldman • Mar 12 2013 • Features

A recent Foreign Policy article argues that Clausewitz ignored creative design approaches to armed conflict. This response seeks to restore his reputation as a great war thinker.

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