Climate and Environment

Opinion – The Responsibility to Protect the Amazon

Gustavo Macedo • Mar 31 2021 • Articles

Applying responsibility to protect ideas to environmental threats would not only set off the alarm for Brazil by staining its international image, but also potentially shake up other states.

The Subsidiarity Principle in EU Environmental Law

Sian Affolter • Mar 26 2021 • Articles

The principle of subsidiarity in EU environmental law suggests a distinction between actions aiming for genuine environmental protection and actions aiming primarily at market integration.

Cleaning Up China’s Air: The Effectiveness of the EEP Plan in Beijing

James R. Masterson and Jingwen Wu • Mar 23 2021 • Articles

While it is less clear what the exact causal mechanisms are that have led to the reduction in pollution, it is evident that policy-makers have been effective at improving Beijing’s air quality.

Asset Revaluation and Beyond: Theorizing Climate Politics

Matthew Paterson • Mar 19 2021 • Articles

We face radical uncertainty about whether the world will manage to decarbonize fast enough, and what political strategies can make such an outcome possible.

Opinion – Protest, Interrupted? Climate Activism During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Luis Hestres • Aug 4 2020 • Articles

Covid-19’s impact on climate activism is obvious. How can climate activists execute a mass mobilization-based strategy in a social distancing context?

Opinion – Global Environmental Politics in Times of Coronavirus: Lessons from Mexico

José-Manuel Leal • Jun 19 2020 • Articles

The current pandemic exhibits the strong dependency from transnational companies in the food, and medicine supply.

Opinion – Challenges to Kazakhstan’s Transition to the Green Economy

Darzhan Kazbekova • Jun 14 2020 • Articles

There is still a lack of strategic, long-term vision for environmental protection and many barriers to realizing the goals of sustainable development in Kazakhstan.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Climate Change: Why Have Responses Been So Different?

Lukas H. Meyer and Marcelo de Araujo • Apr 20 2020 • Articles

As the COVID-19 crisis recedes some states will be eager to rebuild their economies, even if it means dismissing previously agreed international climate change goals.

Community-Based Natural Resource Management and Global Climate Change in Namibia

Andrew Heffernan • Apr 8 2020 • Articles

It is important to adequately unpack community-based natural resource management as a form of resource governance and to analyze the politics that are involved in it.

The Coming Storm: Crisis, Climate Change, and the Right to Vote

William Kakenmaster and Alice C. Hill • Mar 30 2020 • Articles

COVID-19 reveals new vulnerabilities in the right to vote. The pandemic has shown that the USA needs actions to avoid ad hoc responses to disruptions of voting rights.

Review – The Age of Illusions

Elizabeth Austin • Mar 25 2020 • Features

Bacevich argues that the road from American expectations of global supremacy and perpetual prosperity to the economic realities of the US in 2016 led to Trump’s election.

Opinion – The Limits of Humanist Ethics in the Anthropocene

Jan Pospisil • Mar 24 2020 • Articles

Anthropocene ethics evolve in a contestation between withdrawal and affirmation, and both of these logics develop in antagonisms that they cannot overcome.

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