Climate and Environment

Interview – Leonardo Martinez-Diaz

E-International Relations • Feb 6 2020 • Features

Leonardo Martinez-Diaz discusses sustainable finance, actionable data and how communities and governments can strengthen their resilience and prepare for climate change.

The Fossil Fuelled Monster and the Climate Failures of States

Simon Pirani • Feb 2 2020 • Articles

Disaster can summon up qualities of creativeness and solidarity that in ordinary times people do not know they have. These are the qualities that we need, now.

Revisiting OPEC’s Democratic Roots in the Age of Climate Emergency

Michael Dobson • Jan 17 2020 • Articles

The climate movement does not typically look to the oil industry for its heroes. Yet as policymakers have begun to follow activists in pursuing supply side climate policy, figures within OPEC’s history deserve to be studied.

Climate Ideas as Drivers of Pacific Islands’ Regional Politics and Cooperation

Athaulla A. Rasheed • Jan 15 2020 • Articles

An ideational approach to regional politics can better inform how climate ideas have shaped the Pacific Islands in driving their regional agenda.

Interview – Kristina Mani

E-International Relations • Jan 13 2020 • Features

Kristina Mani discusses Latin American politics, regional issues and the role of militaries, as well as the benefits of using of films and documentaries in her work.

Climate Change and the Sinking Island States in the Pacific

Saber Salem • Jan 9 2020 • Articles

Small island nations are exposed to multi-dimensional climate crises such as ocean level rise, flooding, coastal erosion, inundation of agricultural lands, drying up of drinking water and sea acidification, which endangers fish life and stock.

Interview – Alice Hill

E-International Relations • Jan 6 2020 • Features

Alice Hill discusses her work on resilience and climate change, how to encourage policy-makers to incorporate resilience and what more could be done by elected officials.

Interview – Giorgos Kallis

E-International Relations • Dec 13 2019 • Features

Giorgos Kallis talks about his work on global inequality, the agenda of ‘degrowth’ and its effectiveness, eco-socialism, un-disciplined research and the concept of limits.

Opinion – What the US Exit from the Paris Accords Means for Women

Katelyn Jones and Rashelle Brownfield • Dec 6 2019 • Articles

Instead of turning our backs on women climate refugees, the US should intentionally welcome and support them.

Change of Players, Change of Game: How States Got Left Behind on Climate Change

Charlotte Hulme • Nov 5 2019 • Articles

Climate change may be a unique transnational risk, but how non-national actors are responding to it offers general lessons for our understanding of global politics.

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