Climate and Environment

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Green Theory and Climate Change

Hugh Dyer • Sep 29 2019 • Student Features

Green theory allows a broader perspective on our common interests and emphasises choices made within the ecological boundaries of climate change, rather than the political boundaries of economic advantage.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Global Justice and Climate Change

Alix Dietzel • Sep 17 2019 • Student Features

Debates about the climate responsibilities of non-state actors are important to IR theory, which has been traditionally concerned with how states relate to one another.

The ASEAN Way Out? Toward Cooperative Environmental Governance in Southeast Asia

Brian Dorman and Tyler James Olsen • Aug 10 2019 • Articles

Notwithstanding its long-standing policy of non-interference, ASEAN is well-suited to respond and cooperate regionally on transboundary environmental issues.

Review Feature – Perspectives on Eco-Socialism

Hans A Baer • Jul 14 2019 • Features

At a time when it is apparent that green capitalist proposals are insufficient, these two books are welcome additions to the growing literature on eco-socialism.

Improving Democracy for the Future: Why Democracy Can Handle Climate Change

Daniel J. Fiorino • Jun 24 2019 • Articles

The path lies not in suspending democracy but improving it: create better democracies with the capacity for collective action and a commitment to ecological values.

Small Island Climate Diplomacy in the Maldives and Beyond

Athaulla A. Rasheed • Jun 16 2019 • Articles

The Maldives’ conference was a milstone initiative of island diplomacy. It drew the ideational framework of SIDS’ leadership in climate politics laying foundations for their island diplomacy.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases Is a Security Issue

Joshua Busby • Jun 7 2019 • Articles

Climate change isn’t just an environmental or economic problem. It’s also a security problem because of food and water shortages, humanitarian emergencies, and migration.

Interview – Kate Ferguson

E-International Relations • May 8 2019 • Features

Kate Ferguson talks to us about identity-based violence, the rise in mass-atrocities, the effectiveness of R2P, and the relationship between academia and policy-making.

Human Rights and Climate Change in the Philippines

Ratchada Arpornsilp • Apr 18 2019 • Articles

In the state-centric human rights infrastructure, the government’s compliance with its human rights duties and standards to regulate corporations should be the central focus.

Rethinking the Anthropocene as Carnivalocene

David Chandler • Apr 11 2019 • Articles

The Anthropocene is a deeply intense, material experience: a wild romp of the grotesque and the transgressive, emphasising our shared character of Earthly being.

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